Brand New Podcast : My Computer Rides a White Horse - Digital Consciousness From The 80s!

Deadly Dragon's Scratch Famous pulls together some of the wickedest Digital Roots from the 80s in a seamless mix to expand the mind. Check it out!!


Brand New Reissue From Dennis Star!

Brand New Reissue From Dennis Star Label!!

今回はDennis Star / Deadly Dragon Soundから再発された、Sanchez - My Soundを紹介します。

Sanchez - My Sound (Dennis Star / Deadly Dragon Sound) 7"

We made Mr. Dennis Star dig deep into his tape room for this one -- One of our all time favorite tunes from our favorite singer of the 80s. Classic Sanchez D inna the best Time After Time sound killing style on the Tonight riddim. Limited Press, Deadly Dragon Sound Exclusive!!

Cyndi LauperのTime After Timeのメローディ使いのSound Killer Tune!Dennis Star産のTonight RiddimもWickedでSanchezの歌声とマッチしています。B-SideはVersionを収録。こちらも500枚限定プレスでDeadly Dragon Soundのみで購入できます。


Big Up Chie様!

Chie Chan of Five Star Japan representing Deadly Dragon Sound (Check the Tee!) @ Massive B event inna Osaka!

Check the updated Five Star website and blog!

Bobby Konders / Massive B inna Osaka!

Bobby Konders passing through Five Star on his most recent Japan Tour.



Brand New Reissue From Dennis Star!

Brand New Reissue From Dennis Star Label!

今回はDennis Star / Deadly Dragon Soundから再発された、Sanchez - My Soundを紹介します。


Brand New Reissue From Joe Gibbs!

Brand New Reissue from Joe Gibbs Label!!

今回は、Deadly Dragon Soundが再発させたJoe Gibbs LabelのBig Tune、Gregory Isaacs - Babylon Too Roughを紹介します。

Gregory Isaacs - Babylon Too Rough aka Easy Natty Easy (Joe Gibbs) 7"

Gregory Isaacs - "Babylon Too Rough" -- Initially released in 1975 on the Belmont label, this roots classic takes Dennis Brown's "Easy Take it Easy" and flips it in pure dread style to "Easy Natty Easy". This tune showcases Gregory Isaacs at the very height of his skills combining his unique vocal sound with the ability to extract every ounce of Drad menace from his lyrics. Brutal tune that we have long wanted to see pon reissue...and now we have it to share with alla you! Nuff Respect to the COOL RULER!

オリジナルは1975年にBelmont LabelからリリースされたGregory IsaacsのBig Bad Tune!この曲はStudio One LabelのDennis BrownのBig Tune、 Easy Take It EasyがベースになっていてEasy Natty EasyのフレーズがかなりCoolです。Gregoryのユニークな歌声と濃厚なRoots Trackとの好相性、奥深いリリックスから彼のシンガーとしてのスキルの高さが感じられます。Dub処理された裏面のVersionもWickedです。


Brand New Reissue From Ujama!!

Brand New Reissue From Ujama Label!!

今回はUjama LabelからDeadly Dragon Sound Exclusiveで再発されたIcho Candy - Blood Suckerを紹介します。

Icho Candy - Blood Sucker (Ujama/Deadly Dragon Sound) 7"

EXCLUSIVE DEADLY DRAGON SOUND REISSUE BOOM SHOT! This one going out to all fans of SERIOUS digital roots music. Icho Candy has always been one of Jamaica's most unique singers -- with a string of serious tunes to his credit. From the first time we heard this one -- originally released in 1987 on the Ujama label -- we were hooked. Serious bass, serious lyrics and of course Icho's vocals stirring the whole thing into pure transcendence. We had to get Prince Jazzbo to hunt through his tapes to find this one -- one of the rarest and most killer of the Digital Roots tunes Jazzbo released in the 80s. So now we have it and so shall alla you! This one is limited to 500 pieces and is ONLY available at www.deadlydragonsound.com NUFF RESPECT!

Foundation Singer, Icho CandyのSerious Digital Roots Tune!オリジナルリリースは1987年でPrince Jazzboのレーベル、Ujamaから。WickedなDigital TrackにIcho CandyのVocalが見事にはまっています。またJoe Lick Shotのかけ声も入っていて良い感じです。リリックはジャマイカの銃社会についてSerious Talking。裏面のVersionもWickedなので是非チェックしてみて下さい!今回も500枚限定プレスでDeadly Dragon Soundのみで購入できます。


LBC Massive!!

Long Beach Polytechnic High School Reggae Club Reunion Gathering!

What: 12th Annual Caribbean SeaBreeze Festival
When: Sunday 26 July 2009
Where: Queen Mary Park, 1126 Queens Hwy, LBC
Guests: Luciano, Elephant Man, Wayne Wonder, Spragga Benz, Tanya Stephens, Collie Buddz...



Dj Tahl Brand New Mix!!

Now, Dj Tahl Brand New Mix is available for download!!



001 - Mighty Diamond - Heavy Load
002 - Home T - Single Life
003 - Tenor Saw - My Time
004 - Pinchers - ?
005 - King Kong - Bow to Jahovah
006 - King Kong - Riddle me this -
007 - Johnny Osbourne - No Sound Like We
008 - Pad Anthony - In Deh
009 - Patrick Andy - Computerised
010 - Carl Meeks - Whey dem fa
011 - Lt Stiche - Hurry Up
012 - Pinchers - How could I
013 - Pinchers : Blank
014 - Pinchers : Blank
015 - Barrington Levy - Steady
016 - Daddy Lilly - Computer Track
017 - Anthony Red Rose - Body crazy -
018 - Dennis Brown - if this World were Mine
019 - Eccleton Jarrett - Turn on the Heat
020 - Beres Hammnod - I Wish
021 - Johnny Osbourne - Gangster Sound
022 - Garnett Silk - Splashing and Dashing
023 - Anthony Red Rose - Monkey sample -
024 - Anthony Red Rose & King Kong - Follow me now
025 - Just Love My Woman - Tenor Saw
026 - Paula Clarke - No Parking on the Dancefloor
027 - Easy Take It Easy - Dennis Brown
028 - Supercat - Permit Fi Gun
029 - Trevor Sparks - Stylee
030 - T. Sparks and Bobo General - Back to Jamaica
031 - DJ Tahl and Yami bolo - Put down the Dubplate

Dj Tahl


Upcoming Events!!

Upcomin Events!

DDS inna Von Kellar!

"Trash & Ready"
Selectors: Scratch Famous, JD, Queen Majesty & Mr.K
Date: 7/22 (Wed)
Location: Von Kellar (3 Bleecker St, New York)
Time: 10pm - 4am
Subway: Bleecker St (6)
Admission: Free

L.A Massive!!

"Return of the Rub-A-Dub Style, Trinity & Tippa Lee A Screen of the New Film"
Date: 7/15 (Wed)
Location: Echo-Plex (1154 Glendale BLVD)
Time: 9:00
Admission: Free Before 9:30 After $10

"Soul, Funk, Reggae, Hiphop, House Night!

"Soul Your Mind Thursdays"
Dj's: Dj Mihoko & Guest
Date: Every Thursday from 16th July
Location: Sin SIn Leopard Lounge (248 E 5th St)
Time: 10:30
Admission: Ladies Free Before Midnight

RSVP : soulyourmind@gmail.com

Oldies Night inna Brooklyn!

"When Dance Was Nice"
Feat: Jah Lion Orthodox, Rock Of Gibraltar, Roots Man, International Hifi, Special Invited Live Rub-A-Dub Artists TBA
Date: 7/25 (Sat)
Location : Al Paragus HQ (520 East 23rd Brooklyn)
Admission: Love Thy Neighbor


Dj Tahl inna Brooklyn!!!

"Sound Clash"
Selector: Dj Tahl
Date: 7/28 (Tue)
Location: Huckle Berry Bar (588 Grand St, Brooklyn)
Subway: Lorimer St (L)


Chune In!!


6 July 2009 - DEADLY DRAGON SOUNDS w/ Scratch Famous Bigging up LOVE & Mr. K doing a tribute to Dennis Brown on the 10th anniversary of his passing.

KUSF - Wake The Town

2 July 2009

25 June 2009