EVENTS : Another Scorcher New Years Eve Party ~ Friday December 31 2010!

Feat : Miss Gemini, Ursa Major
When : Friday 31 December 2010 10pm
Where : Huckleberry Bar (588 Grand St, Brooklyn)
No Cover

Soul, Reggae, Rocksteady Party!


Fresh Repress! : New Digikiller Reissue From Rythem Track!

Brooklyn's DIGIKILLER have returned with a set of killer digital reissues from the RYTHEM TRACK!

First up are 2 titles on a great, digital Re-lick of the Greenbay Killing Riddim.

Anthony Selassie - Busy Body (Rythem Track / Digikiller) 7"

Tony Roach - Entertainer (Rythem Trak / Digikiller) 7"

And then 2 massive digital roots titles:

Tony Roach - Big Bout Ya (Rythem Track / Digikiller) 7"

Garnett Silk - Every Knee Shall Bow (Rythem Track / Digikiller) 7"


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking Holiday Special Scratch Famous BirthStrong ~ Thursday 23 December 2010!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Selector JD, Queen Majesty, Mr.K
When: Thursday 23 December 2010 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : King Milo All Purpose Sound,Granty Roots Hi Fi

This Thursday Down Town Top Ranking is proud to welcome back special guest Selectors KING MILO ALL PURPOSE SOUND and GRANTY ROOTS HI FI! Yess indeed these two Brooklyn Powerhouses will be playing some big Roots, Rub A Dub and Rock Steady alongside Deadly Dragon selectors Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, JD and MR. K. AND as the holidays are upon us, we will be giving out some free CDs. In addition, its Deadly Dragon's own Scratch Famous' BRITHSTRONG so come through and show the now elder Dragon some love!


From The Archives : Moodisc Disco Mix sleeve!

Panade 2 - Electric Boogaloo!

We here at Deadly Dragon thrive on coffee to keep us going as we ceaselessly toil to bring you all the finest in reggae music. And for the last couple of years, our go to spot has been a place around the corner called Panade. The owner, our good pal Yvette Ho, not only provided us with great coffee and delectable choux pastries (called Puffs!), but a neighborhood spot that we could call home. Well, now we have a BIGGER and BETTER and DOPER home!!!! Yes indeed, its PANADE 2!!!! Yvette moved Panade right across the street from her original shop and we want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! The new spot is amazing, the new employees are great and Yvette has expanded the menu with soups, salads and yes...even eggs in the morning!!! So get on over to PANADE 2 and eat a puff, sip a coffee and bust a move!


Brand New Podcast : All I Want For Christmas Is A Lazer Beam!

YES peoples!!! This is the last Podcast of 2010 and it is a killer!!!! This ya one is a mix of old Dub Plates that we have found, some smashing 7"s, Killer 12"s and Crucial LPs ranging from Rub a Dub to Heavy Digital to sme 90s. As always this is a true skool mix...Turntables, Mixer and effects. No CD, No Serato, No computer Edits (however there is a BIG mistake in this mix that I WISH I could have corrected, but we move always forward, never back, expecially at 3am!). Enjoy!!!

Play List:

1. Cuss Cuss (Dub-Plate)

2. Trevor Junior - Lazer Beam (Dub-Plate)

3. Horace Andy - Cuss Cuss (Dub-Plate)

4. Horace Ferguson - Sensi Addict (DubPlate)

5. Donovon McCoy - Youthman (DM Records)

6. Triston Palmer - Joker Smoker (Hit Bound 10")

7. Singie Singie - Jack Up Jack Up (Dub-Plate)

8. Roland Burrel - Trying (Lazer Beam 7")

9. Jr. Reid - Higgler Move (Jammys 7")

10. Ringo - New Yorker (Atomic Bum 7")

11. Charlie Chaplin - One of a Kind (Dove 7")

12.Pebbles - Positive Vibration (Arawak)

13. I Roy - Drifter (Jah Life 7")

14. Israel Vibration - Rude Boy Shuffling (Sonic 7")

15. Mighty Diamonds - Sattelite Dish (Live & Learn 7")

16. Dudley Green - Basket Cant Carry Water (Crown 7")

17. Steve Knight - See Dem a Come (Tachyon LP)

18. Tamlins - Open Mind (CJD 7")

19. Little John - Trickified Woman (DubPlate)

20. Menes - Nelson Mandela (Meroe 7")

21. Steve Knight - Orphan Child (Tachyon Lp)

22. Jolly Stewart - Angie (Target 7")

23. Gregory Isaacs - Long Sentence (Warning LP)

24. Michael Prophet - Cop A Come (Techniques 7")

25. Crack Attack Dub Plate

26. Singing Chief - Favourite Girl (Titanic 7")

27. Trevor Junior - Shock Dem A Shock (Youth Promotion 7")

28. Gary Culture a.k.a. Robot Man - Talking Robot (Mini Bus 7")

29. Luke Screw - Dandy Mi Dandy (Mini Bus 7")

30. Leslie Thunder - Working Time (Moodies 12")

31. Papa Stash - Tribute To Shelly (Blank 12")

33. Bruce Lee - Dibbi Dibbi Girl (Yammie 7")

34. Billy Boyo - Material Girl (Blank 12")

33. Tony Rebel - Caaan Bad Me Up (Mr. Doo 12")

34. Hopeton Lindo - Tribute (For Whatever the Reason LP)

35. Birdie Culture - Sleeping One Night (Andys 12")

36. Mykal Roze - Rude Boy General (Bust Out 7")

37. Yami Bolo - Its Not Surprising (Grove 7")

38. Unknown - Build a Better Nation (Blank)

39. Ini Kamoze - All I Want For Christmas (Selekta 7")



Nuff Respect to the man Peter Roots for passing thru last week and blessing us all with some killer tracks!

And thanks to everyone who passed thru to nice up the vibe!

Supersonic Sound @ Deadly Dragon!

Panza & Scratch Famous

Panza of Supersonic Sound passed through Deadly Dragon!


Shinehead @ Deadly Dragon!

Shinehead passed through Deadly Dragon with Byze One!


From The Archives: Randy's Plastic Sleeve!

EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking w/ Special Guest Peter Roots Of Rock Of Gibralter Sound~ Thursday 9 December 2010!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 9 December 2010 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)

This week we are proud to have Peter Roots of ROCK OF GIBRALTER SOUND joining Deadly Dragon Selectors Scratch Famous, MR. K, JD and Queen Majesty for a night of serious Roots, Deadly Ska & Rocksteady and pure Foundation sounds in a strictly vinyl style.

EVENTS : OVERHEAT MUSIC 30th ANNIVERSARY // DUB CLASH w/ Style Scott, Bullwackie, Kodama Kazufumi, Moomin and more! Saturday 18 Decmber 2010!‏

Feat :
The Dubwise are Style Scott /松永 孝義 /こだま 和文/朝本 浩文/エマーソン 北村/松竹谷 清/タツミ アキラ

Live DUB Mix by ...
宮崎 "DMX" 泉/Lloyd "BULLWACKIE" Barnes

MOOMIN Acoustic Live



When : Saturday 18 December Open/Start : 17:00
Where : Liquid Room (3-16-6, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Admission : 5,500 yen




Feat : Mighty Massa (Dub Creation Studio), Cojie (Mighty Crown), Jah Light Crew
When : Friday 17 December 2010 11pm - 5am
Admission : 2500yen (1drink)

New Roots Reggaeを軸に、ここ日本から世界にむけてオリジナルサウンドを発信するダブクリエイター"Mighty Massa"氏と、日本全国、世界各地で活躍するMighty Crownのヴァイナルジャンキーこと"Cojie"氏。今回初の組み合わせとなる世界レベルの両者が、エクスクルーシブなRootsセットでJah- Light Sound Systemに登場!


EVENTS : Mighty Crown Entertainment presents Zero-第三章- Saturday 11 December 2010!

Feat : Mighty Crown with Sound System, Fire Ball, Papa B, Anarchy, Dabo, Deli, Jumbo Maatch, Ozrosaurus, Rudebwoy Face, Ryuzo, Suiken, Yoyo-C, Zeebra
When : Saturday 11 December 2010 23:00 Open/Start

EVENTS : LONDON INTERNATIONAL SKA FESTIVAL 2011 ~ Ken Boothe, Bob & Marcia, English Beat and more! ~ April 21 - 24 2011!!!

When : April 21 - 24 2011
Where : The Clapham Grand (21-25 Saint John's Hill, London)

Confirmed Line Up

KEN BOOTHE (Jamaica)*
THE ENGLISH BEAT ft. Dave Wakeling
THE LOAFERS (one-off reformation)*
HOTKNIVES (orig.line up)*

JIM COX (Reggae Train)

Thursday 21 April 2011
Ken Boothe and James Hunter

Friday 22 April 2011
The Loafers and Hotknives

Saturday 23 April 2011
The English Beat starring Dave Wakeling and The Caroloregians

Sunday 24 April 2011
Bob & Marcia


From the DDS Dub Plate Archives: King Tubby ALI BABA mix 1.

Last week I uncovered what looked like an unplayable Acetate Dub Plate -- the plate looked seriously wrecked with no sheen and what looked like mold growing out of the grooves. I put it on and to my amazement it not only played, but in fact, gave a sonic primer in why King Tubby was such a genius. Enough has been written about Tubby by much better and more knowledgeable writers than myself, so I am not going to try to give a history here, but I do have to say something. I got into Jamaican music in the 80s and 90s and for years only looked forward, never back. Then, one day, I happened to be at Moodies Records up in the Bronx when a bunch of Freedom Sounds reissues came into the shop and listening to Dub side totally blew my mind...this Sonic murderation! This was a man -- Tubby himself -- taking the every elements of space and time and ripping them apart and re-imagining what what sound actually felt like. I became a devotee. I read all the stories about Tubby's Hi Fi causing riots when the first dubs were unleashed, I talked to anyone I could find about what is what like to wind transformers for the man...and gradually all that knowledge and interest just became part of my interior dialogue -- yes, Tubby is a genius, but I no longer was as excited as I once had been....I was jaded, immune to his wonders.

Then....I put this Dub Plate on and as the sound opened and closed, expanded and contracted, as bass lines dropped in and vocals dropped out, and the richness of the hi-hats snapped and contorted and the reverb rumbled, I heard Tubby again!!! Yes, this dub had me again! I saw his hands on that mixing board, his ears lighting up as he told a narrative in Dub, a poetry of sound...yes!!!!! Listen to this dub and hear what I hear -- sound, sound in itself, being brought to the highest level of sound -- a sonic experience that sounds richer and more alive than anything our ears could take in on their own...yesss.....Tubby!!!!! All hail to the man himself!!!!!!

EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking ~ Thursday 2 December 2010!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 2 December 2010 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)


EVENTS : Version City Meets Dirty Reggae Party w/ Deadly Dragon Sound ~ Saturday 4 December 2010!

Feat : Crazy Baldhead, Deadly Dragon Sound, Deal's Gone Bad, King Django's Roots n' Culture, Vic Ruggiero, Royal City Riot
When : Saturday 4 December 2010 9pm
Where : The Lake (258 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn)
Admission : $10

Thriller @ Deadly Dragon!

Foundation Singer/Producer THRILLER just pass thru with 4 new tune on I Cant Stand It Riddim!

Thriller Border - A One Sound (Powerhouse) 7"


EVENTS : L.A Massive! Terry Lee Presents An Original Jamaican Oldies Revival Session w/ Special Guest Tommy Rocka-Shacka ~ Saturday 27 November 2010!

Feat : Tommy Rocka-Shacka, Nina & Viktor, Rocksteady Chris, Boss Harmony, Bigger Boss, J & Nicki Bonner, Jah Faith, Jandisco Sound System
When : Saturday 27 November 2010 9pm - 7am
Where : La Cita (334 S Hill St, Los Angeles)
Admission : $5

EVENTS : SF Massive! Culture Corner Thursdays @ Koko Coctails! ‏

Feat : Tomas, Yusuke, Vinnie Esparza, Basshaka, ILWF
When : Every Thursday from 10pm - 2am
Where : Koko Cocktails (1060 Geary St, San Francisco)
Admission : Free

EVENTS : Reggae Got Soul Tuesday, Lee Major of Earth Ruler with Shinehead ~ Tuesday 23 November 2010!

Feat : Lee Major of Earth Ruler, Shinehead
When : Tuesday 23 November 2010 9:30pm - 4am
Where : The Pyramid (101 Ave A, New York)
Admission : $5
Subway : F (2nd Ave)



EVENTS : Kitano Creation Sound Presents Roots Pon Di Corner @ LP & Harmony Bar!

We went to check our good friends Kitano Creation Sound at their new party -- ROOTS PON THE CORNER -- at LP & HARMONY Bar (a.k.a. the new ART LAND) in East Williamsburg Brooklyn. Their party is on the first and third Wednesday of every month and they often have guest selectors play with them. When we there the three selectors were playing a sweet stew of Rock Steady, Roots and some serious Ska classics. We had a great time listening to the tunes, drinking cold Red Stripes and eating Shrimp Chips! As I had a few tunes in the car, I could not resist dropping a few selections just so I could play with the lovely Urei Rotary Mixer -- Definately something on my agenda to purchase when I am rich and famous! All in all, ROOTS PON THE CORNER is a great party and I urge all the massive to go check it!

Hiroshi I & Sonny of Kitano Creation Sound.

Urei Rotaly Mixer!

Shrimp Chips & Red Stripe!

Kitano Creation presents ROOTS PON THE CORNER at
683 Grand St Brooklyn (Btwn Manhattan and Graham)
The first and third Wednesday of every month

TICKLAH passing through with his latest production! Sugar Minott - Praise His Name - LIONDUB45 7"!

TICKLAH passing through with his latest production! Sugar Minott - Praise His Name - LIONDUB45 7"!

Sugar Minott - Praise His Name (Liondub 45) 7"

PAPA BRUCE aka BRUCE LEE a pass through Deadly Dragon!

PAPA BRUCE aka BRUCE LEE a pass through Deadly Dragon!

Bruce Lee Selection!

Dibbi Dibbi Girl (Yammie) 7"

Original Tyad Body (Tagarus) 7"

Se God Deh (Tagarus) 7"