Ten Deep Clothing!

Josh & Scott from Ten Deep Clothing passed through to say hello and pick up some of our mix cds for the office.

I've known Josh pre 10 Deep days (Red Five/True era) and Scott since the first or second season of 10 deep (Urban Olympics series!). Even with the fame and success they have achieved over the years, they've remained grounded and true.

10 Deep always available @ True (www.trueclothing.net) & Five Star (www.fivestar.ne.jp).

For more info:




Welcome to the neighborhood!!!

Yes indeed!

Our store is located right where the Lower East Side of Manhattan blends into Chinatown...and to our minds, it is one of the last authentic and un-gentrified neighborhoods left in Manhattan. We love our hood and feel that it is as much a part of our character as the records we play and sell. China and reggae go together like Randy and Chin, Like Ernest and Hoo Kim, like Leslie and Kong and we feel happy to continue the tradition so here's a loose outline of a day in our hood:

This is Eldridge Street and Grand -- right around the corner!

This is Yvette -- She owns a shop called Panade at 129 Eldridge St.. We get coffee from her every single day. She makes great cookies and her ice cubes are the best in NYC. Yvette also worked as a teacher in Chinatown for years and a lot of teachers come to her shop to hang out...and BOY!!! When you get some drinks into a gang of teachers...WATCH OUT!!! She loves reggae and plays our mixes in the shop and she also makes....

Puffs!!! We eat a lot of these and highly recomend the Green Tea puffs!

This is Forsyth St. where our store is located. The great composer and song writer Ira Gershwin lived on this block! On one side is a park where people play soccer and old, Chinese ladies rock hula hoops! What could be better?

This is the front of our store....we have a lot of rules and we search for Visine!

This is Larry Bercow, our next door neighbor and pal. He is a great photographer check his website: www.bercowstudio.com

These are the lovely ladies from Lee Ren Beauty Salon. They cut our hair every month for $8! What a bargain!

This is Eric. His mom works at the Beauty Salon. He is a great, smart kid and plays a lot of soccer and still has no idea what reggae really is no matter how many times we explain it.

This is our other neighbor 1 Hundred B -- They are a graffitti shop and have all sorts of cool ass shit in their shop. I got NO clue as to what it all is, but it looks damn cool to me and they often have some hip hop Deejays playing in there!

Here are the two owners of 1 Hundred B, Claudia & Mario! They are mad cool and have tons going on so check their website: www.1hundredb.com

Chinatown is great for food. Both fresh food and cooked and here are some spots we like to check!

Crabs in a Barrel!

Great hanging ducks!

Pho Grand -- The best Vietnamese in NYC!!!!!

This is our dumpling spot.

These are the ladies who make the dumplings!

And these are the dumplings! They are great and cost only $2!!!!! What kind of meat is in them? We don't want to know!

This is where we get fruit! Grapes are always a sure bet!

This is some cool graffitti on the street around the corner from us.

There is a whole fleet of driving schools that operate on our block. This guy is one of the instructors and he took me and my wife to go get my license. He used to be a chef and taught me how to cook Chinese style lobster. He never drinks but smokes 2 packs a day. His wife is a haircutter so his hair is always super styled!

And finally, here are a few customers that live in the neighborhood and come to check us all the time...

This is Joel -- a legend in NY reggae....For real! During the 80s you could find Joel at every single dance no matter what night of the week. In fact, he was such an obsessive fan that the owners of the famous REGGAE LOUNGE refused to charge him entrance. All selectors and performers loved and still love Joel for his enthusiasm for the music. When Shinehead was in town, Joel came into the shop and the two of them started YELLING!!! JOEL JO-EL!! It was some serious REUNITED shit! This is Joel buying Johnny Ringo's "YOU HA FE FIT". He has bought this record from us at least 6 times. Seriously.

This is Bruno. He is the most polite, nicest guy in the world. And he always has some totally crazy story to tell me. He also likes Schooly D which is a big plus in my book!

So that's it...That's the Deadly Dragon hood!!! We love it and hope you enjoyed our Bloggerific tour!!!

Brand New Podcast : Deadly Dragon & Shinehead One 4 One 45 Mix!!!

On September 6th Deadly Dragon Sound linked up with the legendary Shinehead at the Badness Business Session. With a nice, bubbling crowd Deadly Dragon and Shine went at each other with some of their favorite vinyl for a one fi one 45 shootout in totally decent style! Enjoy the sounds!


SHINEHEAD - LAPTOP A FLOP YOU!!! @ Deadly Dragon Sound!

The great Shinehead dropped by Deadly Dragon Sounds recently to pick up a few tunes and share some words of wisdom in a Bob Marley style concerning Vinyl vs Serato!


SHINEHEAD - VINYL SEE DEM A COME!!!! @ Deadly Dragon Sound!

Mr. Shinehead the magnificent dropped by Deadly Dragon Sound on 9.8.09 to pick up a few tunes and share his viewpoint on vinyl vs. CD vs. Serato!


Jah Wise!!!

All Hail the man called Jah Wise a.k.a. Tippa Tone a.k.a. The Artist from Rockers!

Jah Wise at DDS picking up our latest mix cd : Studio One selection by Mr. K!

Yes indeed Jah Wise is a true Jamaican renaissance man -- his record collection is legendary; not only can he murder you with Rock Steady, Roots and Ska he can also walk into his room of souls and jazz and dust you down! As a selector and sound-system operator, he is one of the originators -- starting Tippa Tone in the 60s and running it until now. He built the riddim for Tek a Lick which became Billie Jean and produced a great General Plough LP. His brother and sister are the singers Cornell and Cecille Campbell. And finally, remember that scene in ROCKERS when Horsemouth takes his motorcycle to the artist and gets it painted with the Lion of Judah? Well, that artist is Jah Wise!

Jah Wise painting the motor bike of Horsemouth in the movie Rockers!

Beyond all that, Jah Wise is our friend and his aesthetic and knowledge about Jamaican music has enlightened us. We have learned a lot from him and there are countless, massive tunes that he turned us onto. So big up yourself Jah Wise!!!!!

Jah Wise @ DDS 2006 w/ the livestock LP session he was featured on as selector!

Powerhouse presents Strictly Livestock LP - Greensleeves.


EVENTS: Beverly Hills Massive! - Jack Spade concept shop @ Apartment Number 9 - Thurs 10 Sept 2009!!

Please join the celebration of the new Jack Spade concept shop @Apartment Number 9 in Beverly Hills!

Deadly Dragon Sound was asked to participate by providing the sounds for the shop (check the DDS cd selection!) and also for the opening of Jack Spade's west coast venture w/ Apartment Number 9.

Press release:

Apartment Number 9 is handing Jack Spade the keys to their Beverly Hills location to launch our apparel collection and house our new fall/holiday bag line. Our Jack & Jimbo's Bike Shop will have a presence as will our Book Lizard Lending Library, which will be curated by Phyllis Diller. We are also offering our collection of Halloween costumes, Map & Guide to the Fabulous Homes of the Stars tour books, metal detector finds, and hosting a transcontinental correspondence chess match between New York and Los Angeles.

We're also pairing up with a few designers/brands like Reference Library, Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., Beloved Bikes, Mordechai, Jason Polan, Mary & Matt, and Deadly Dragon Sound.

Opening reception : Thursday 10 September 2009 6pm - 8pm

Apartment Number 9
9877 Little Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Rsvp a must: jly@jackspade.com

If you are unable to attend the opening be sure to stop by anytime until Oct 31st. The shop will be open September 3rd thru October 31st.



SHINE HEAD w/ DEADLY DRAGON SOUND on Eastvillageradio.com

Yessss Come forward Mr. Shine! We were lucky enough to be joined by Shine Head and Tony Screw on our radio show on September 7th. Here's a clip of Shinehead killing it on Sleng Teng!

Part two of the great Shinehead's visit to Deadly Dragon Sounds on Eastvillageradio.com. Check it as he rocks STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN over the Billie Jean Riddim!

Check Deadly Dragon Sounds Every Monday 6 to 8pm on www.eastvillageradio.com


EVENTS: DDS Presents A Labor Day Special "Get Back To Work With Badness Business" September 6 2009!!

When: Sunday September 6th 2009 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broom St, New York)
Guest Selector: Prince Language
Subway: Grand St (B, D)
No Cover