Yard Core: DJ TAHL Presents A Mix For Ya Jeep!!

DJ TAHL is a customer of ours and super nice guy. He has wicked taste in tunes -- a guy who can come in one week and pick up roots and the next week scoop up some classic dancehall with the common thread being a devotion to classically KILLER tracks! He is also a guy who you are just happy to see when he comes out to a session -- always in a pretty good mood and happy to share a beer!

Lastly, he is killer selector doing shows around Brooklyn and Podcasting like a mad man! This most recent mix totally got me hyped! Back in the early 90s I was playing equal amounts of hip hop as I was reggae -- as all these reggae/hip hop hybrids started coming out I found myself pretty much going totally over to the reggaematic side. This mix not only brought me back to that time but also reminded me how vital those tunes still sound -- and DJ TAHL definately stokes the vitality with a mixing style heavy on the tight cuts and blends. So throw on some Pele Pele gear and let it BOOM!

Check Brand new mix from DJ TAHl!!!


super cat - dolly my baby (puff daddy & biggie smalls)
born jamericans - yard care
mega banton - sound bwoy killin (remix)
Fu-Schnikens - Ring the alarm
Buju Banton - Champion (remix)
Born Jamericans ft Mad Lion -
Biggie Smalls - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Bounty Killa - Suicidal Murda (ft Jeru the Damaja)
Super Cat - Don Dodda (remix)
Screechie Dan - Give it To me
Mad Lion - Real Love (remix)
Tanya Stephens - Goggle (Remix)
Rayvon - No Guns No Murder (Remix)
Super Cat - Ghetto Red Hot (Remix)
Mad Lion - Take it Easy
Sean Paul Mr Vegas DMX - Here comes the boom
Buju Banton - Make my day (kenny dope troopas remix)
Ini Kamoze - Ballistic Affair
Shyne ft Barrington Levy - Bad Boys



EVENTS - Briggy Inna Brooklyn November 7 2009!!!

Feat: Brigadier Jerry, Rock Of Gibraltar Sound, Jah Lion Orthodox Sound
When: November 7th 2009
Where: AL PARAGUS H.Q (520 EAST 23rd Street, Brooklyn)
Admission: $10


EVENTS - Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Guns In The Grotto October 28 2009!!

When: October 28th Wednesday 10pm - 4am
Where: Von Kellar (3 Bleecker Street, New York)
Subway: Bleecker St (6)

Deadly Dragon selectors Scratch Famous, JD, Queen Majesty and MR. K come with the finest Jamaican music to soothe your soul! Massive tunes from the foundation of ska all the up to the newest bubblers! Big Music for Big People!


When: October 27th, Tuesday 9pm
Where: Huckleberry Bar (588 Grand Street, Brooklyn)
Subway: L/G train to Lorimer/Metropolitan
Strictly Vintage Reggae: Rub-A-Dub, Roots, Dancehall

Dj Tahl



Bitty Mclean & Jhonny Osbourne - Jahovia / Plead My Cause (ROL) 7"

Bing Baff! 2 to tha dome with a double punch of righteousness! Over the past years, Bitty Mclean has become one of our favorite singers -- a traditional crooner with an eye to the future. When we heard his latest LP, we instantly fell in love with the classic combination of Bitty and Johnny Osbourne reworking Johnny's "Jahovia" over the Ini Kamoze "Trouble You A Trouble Me" riddim. Our second favorite cut on the the LP is "Plead My Cause" - another brilliant cut as Bitty rides Black Uhuru's "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" riddim to full effect. We so desperately wanted to get these two BIG BAD tunes on vinyl that we worked out a nice deal to get these High Quality, Limited Press, Japanese Imports right here at Deadly Dragon and no other place in the US! Clear Vinyl!


WFMU ANNUAL RECORD FAIR!!!! 10.23 10.24 10.25 2009.

Calling all collectors, all vinyl enthusiasts, all analog afficionados, all bargain hunters :

Deadly Dragon Sound will once again be participating in the WFMU Annual Record Fair taking place on Fri 10/23, Sat 10/24, Sun 10/25!!!

Manhattan's Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street (between 6th & 7th Ave)

Loads of discounted original press 7" @ $5 each!!!!
Tons of LPs & 12"s at discounted prices! $5, $10, $15!!!

Plus a few special boxes of rarities from our recent haul from Jamaica!!!

Fri 10/23 : 4pm - 7pm (early entry $25 and allows access all 3 days),
7 - 10pm normal entry $7
Sat 10/24 : 10am - 7pm -- admission = $7
Sun 10/25 : 10am - 7pm -- admission = $7

Deadly Dragon Sound will be located at BOOTH : C14

*** Please note our retail store located on 102-B Forsyth will be closed on Fri, Sat, Sun (10/23 10/24 10/25) so pleaes check us at the fair!


EVENTS - Bushwick Music Studio October 9 2009!!!

Last week one of our customers and good pals JAH POINT invited us to come out to check out his new band THE EQUILIBRIANS at a space out in Brooklyn called the Bushwick Music Studios. Basically, the whole present-day Ska / reggae / early reggae band thing is something I know next to nothing about. To me ignorance is never bliss and the minute you cut yourself off from learning or experiencing new things, you might as well be dead. So, in the spirit of new discoveries, me and Mr. K decided to jump in a cab and head out to the wilds of Bushwick to check out the crazy scene.

As we pulled up to the space, which is located on a totally industrial and uninhabited block, we heard the sweet strains of someone singing Delroy Wilson's "Once Upon a Time" ; our cab driver, who turned out to be a Yardie, started doing the harmonies and said..."Man....I'm going to park the cab and come in there with you. I need to check this out!" So, accompanied by our trusty cab driver we paid our $5 and passed through the doors....

This is the EQUILIBRIANS and their vocalist JAH POINT. You ask who was sounding like Delroy Wilson...well here he is!!! The Equilibrians play a brand of minor key Ska and rocksteady that had me hyped and I was so relieved that I liked the band! There is nothing worse than really liking a person and HATING their band, or their mix Cd or their cooking or whatever it is that they do...So, Jah Point! Big VOICE!...In between THE EQUILIBRIANS' cover tunes, their originals and Jah Point's frequent exaltations of "FOUR LOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the whole place was going bananas!

Now, you got to understand that from the outside the spot looked like a BIG WAREHOUSE, but when you get in the room -- well it is not much bigger than our store, and our store is damn small! So...this created an awesome connection between the crowd and the band...sweaty, jumping, loud, energetic and simply infused with joyousness and a hard core D.I.Y. ethic that I REALLY appreciate.

When the Equilibrians finished up I grabbed about 6 PBRs, sucked them down while listening to the sounds of SHOCKWAVE SOUND SYSTEM and one of their Selectors, Rata. The sounds boomed out onto the street where all these hooligans were hanging around!

Next up was the band HARD TIMES.

These guys were NUTS!!! The band is totally instrumental and, at least to my untrained ears, sounded like a combination of Ska / surf guitar / early reggae with some fuzztone garage stuff mixed in!!! I don't know what really to call it and since I don't know the language of how to describe musicians and musicianship, let's just say, it was super fun music played with a ton of energy and great vibe. At a certain point our man ROY RADICS of the RUDIE CREW jumped onto the stage with HARDTIMES and let loose a display of his DJ talents...flipping it inna UK / fast chat style that had me bawling for forwards!!!!

After HARD TIMES finished up I grabbed another 10 PBRs and sucked them down and chatted with with a guy who is a serious Old School NY anti-fascist / anti-rascist early reggae fanatic. He filled me in on a lot of the history of NY Skinhead stuff and told me how excited he was that this great, local scene was developing at this Bushwick Music Studios with bands and sound systems and the like. Looking around at the crowd, I could definitely understand his pride and happiness -- this was a group of people with no attitude simply united by a love of music, a desire to support their friends and a definite ability to drink a lot of FOUR LOKO!!!! and enjoy themselves!

And then the surprises started.....

SHOCKWAVE SOUND with JAH POINT got on the tables and started dropping some serious music with our man ROY RADICS grabbing the mic when the riddims turned digital...he sounded KILLER!!! But all of a sudden this one dude grabbed the mic -- and this is a guy we have seen around in the store and at shows for years -- and he suddenly RIPPED it in a PURE Singjay / Half Pint / Barrington Levy stylee! K and I looked at each other and the surprise made us bust out laughing! This dude was GREAT and had the whole place screaming & shouting!!!!!!!!!! Amazing how sometimes, when you least expect it, someone can just MURDER it!!

Next up was a band from Florida called the DUPPIES. They kind of had to pull people's attention away from the DJs and selectors, but these guys came in FAST and TIGHT!!!

They were definitely kind of slicker and poppier than the other two bands.....I would say that if MTV or something corporatel like that wanted to embrace one of these bands...these would be the guys they grabbed up. But, to be honest, I just wasn't really feeling them -- while super talented and tight, they just didn't have the rawness and joy of HARD TIMES or the EQUILIBRIANS.

With the witching hour soon coming and the buzz of 240 cans of PBR hitting us, me and Mr. K decided to leave out and grab a quick photo with Jah Point and some of the other big people pon the scene! We are sorry that we missed Royal City Riot, but will make sure to check them in the future.

So, all in all this night out in Bushwick was both great fun and a true learning experience. Spending one night out with these people gave me a great respect for their passion and their support for each other. All of us find the music in different ways -- some through Sound System Culture, some through family, some through Punk Rock, some through Skinhead culture and some through happenstance and coincidence as if the love of Jamaican music was fate itself -- and those different ways are the manner in which Jamaican music has truly become one of the stronger bridges between different cultures. So, Big Ups to Jah Point & Shockwave Sound, Yana, Dan, Crazy Baldhead Sound, Rata, Roy Radics, Bob Timms, The Equilibrians, Hard Times, The Duppies and Royal City Riot. NUFF RESPECT EACH AND EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Brand New Podcast : SCRATCH FAMOUS & HAMATAI Inna ONE 4 ONE!!

Deadly Dragon Sound is blessed to know some of the wickedest selectors and collectors from all round the globe. This past September DJ HAMATAI, a killer selector and one of the foremost collectors of 80s digital, came from his hometown of Osaka, Japan to NYC where he met up with Deadly Dragon for one wicked session. Everything sounded so good that we had to make one more link up, so Hamatai passed thru the Deadly Dragon studios where he and Scratch Famous threw down a major league Tune Fi Tune...Get ready for some SERIOUS BIDNESS!!!!!!

Track List: #1. HAMATAI: Nitty Gritty - Dollars / SCRATCH FAMOUS: Bimbo - Problems Everywhere #2. HAMATAIL The Hux - Gimme The Work / SCRATCH FAMOUS: Hopeton James - End Up In Hell #3. HAMATAI: Icho Candy - Babylon / SCRATCH FAMOUS: Delton Screechy - Cry For the Youths #4. HAMATAI - ? / SCRATCH FAMOUS - Horace Andy - Archibella #5. HAMATAI: Frankie Jones - Conqueror / SCRATCH FAMOUS: Horace Martin - Me Rule #6. HAMATAI: Jr. Reid - Gone Astray / SCRATCH FAMOUS: One-A-Way - Sufferer #7. HAMATAI: Bunny Wailer - Rise & Shine / SCRATCH FAMOUS: Yabby You - Love Thy Neighbor #8. HAMATAI: Sugar Minot - Sherrif John Brown / SCRATCH FAMOUS: Johnny Cash - International Style #9. HAMATAI: Tony Tuff - Dance In The Area / SCRATCH FAMOUS: Madoo - Backway Mr. Landlord #10. HAMATAI: Dennis Brown - If This World was Mine / SCRATCH FAMOUS: Jubba Tate - African Girl #11. HAMATAI: ? / SCRATCH FAMOUS - Super Cat: Hell a Come #12. HAMATAI: Rootsman - Imitator / SCRATCH FAMOUS - Cutty Gritty - Heat #13. HAMATAI: Andrew Bees - Things a Gwaan, Things a Go Dung / SCRATCH FAMOUS - Da Da Waps - Old Chain #14: HAMATAI: Nut Head - Ghetto Tenement yard.

EVENTS: DDS Presents SKALUMBUS PARTY Sunday October 11!

When: Sunday October 11th 2009 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broom St, New York)
Subway: Grand Street (B or D)
Drink Specials : 2 for 1 well drinks and bottle beers from 10pm - 11pm!

EVENTS: Living For Kics Wednesday October 7 2009!

When: October 7th, Wednesday 9pm - 2am
Where: Satellite Lounge (143 Havemayer St, Brooklyn)
Subway: L/G train to Lorimer/Metropolitan
Dj's : Dj Popwell, Selector Bunny Punch, Dj Butcher



Riddim Clash 2009.

6 Sound A Clash!
Civalizee (Belgium)
Poison Dart (Florida USA)
City Lock (Berlin)
Black Kat (JA)
Shashamane (Kenya)
DeeBuzz (Mannheim)

Hosted by Bobby Konders!

Live Stream Now: