EVENTS : Version City Meets Dirty Reggae Party w/ Deadly Dragon Sound ~ Saturday 4 December 2010!

Feat : Crazy Baldhead, Deadly Dragon Sound, Deal's Gone Bad, King Django's Roots n' Culture, Vic Ruggiero, Royal City Riot
When : Saturday 4 December 2010 9pm
Where : The Lake (258 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn)
Admission : $10

Thriller @ Deadly Dragon!

Foundation Singer/Producer THRILLER just pass thru with 4 new tune on I Cant Stand It Riddim!

Thriller Border - A One Sound (Powerhouse) 7"


EVENTS : L.A Massive! Terry Lee Presents An Original Jamaican Oldies Revival Session w/ Special Guest Tommy Rocka-Shacka ~ Saturday 27 November 2010!

Feat : Tommy Rocka-Shacka, Nina & Viktor, Rocksteady Chris, Boss Harmony, Bigger Boss, J & Nicki Bonner, Jah Faith, Jandisco Sound System
When : Saturday 27 November 2010 9pm - 7am
Where : La Cita (334 S Hill St, Los Angeles)
Admission : $5

EVENTS : SF Massive! Culture Corner Thursdays @ Koko Coctails! ‏

Feat : Tomas, Yusuke, Vinnie Esparza, Basshaka, ILWF
When : Every Thursday from 10pm - 2am
Where : Koko Cocktails (1060 Geary St, San Francisco)
Admission : Free

EVENTS : Reggae Got Soul Tuesday, Lee Major of Earth Ruler with Shinehead ~ Tuesday 23 November 2010!

Feat : Lee Major of Earth Ruler, Shinehead
When : Tuesday 23 November 2010 9:30pm - 4am
Where : The Pyramid (101 Ave A, New York)
Admission : $5
Subway : F (2nd Ave)



EVENTS : Kitano Creation Sound Presents Roots Pon Di Corner @ LP & Harmony Bar!

We went to check our good friends Kitano Creation Sound at their new party -- ROOTS PON THE CORNER -- at LP & HARMONY Bar (a.k.a. the new ART LAND) in East Williamsburg Brooklyn. Their party is on the first and third Wednesday of every month and they often have guest selectors play with them. When we there the three selectors were playing a sweet stew of Rock Steady, Roots and some serious Ska classics. We had a great time listening to the tunes, drinking cold Red Stripes and eating Shrimp Chips! As I had a few tunes in the car, I could not resist dropping a few selections just so I could play with the lovely Urei Rotary Mixer -- Definately something on my agenda to purchase when I am rich and famous! All in all, ROOTS PON THE CORNER is a great party and I urge all the massive to go check it!

Hiroshi I & Sonny of Kitano Creation Sound.

Urei Rotaly Mixer!

Shrimp Chips & Red Stripe!

Kitano Creation presents ROOTS PON THE CORNER at
683 Grand St Brooklyn (Btwn Manhattan and Graham)
The first and third Wednesday of every month

TICKLAH passing through with his latest production! Sugar Minott - Praise His Name - LIONDUB45 7"!

TICKLAH passing through with his latest production! Sugar Minott - Praise His Name - LIONDUB45 7"!

Sugar Minott - Praise His Name (Liondub 45) 7"

PAPA BRUCE aka BRUCE LEE a pass through Deadly Dragon!

PAPA BRUCE aka BRUCE LEE a pass through Deadly Dragon!

Bruce Lee Selection!

Dibbi Dibbi Girl (Yammie) 7"

Original Tyad Body (Tagarus) 7"

Se God Deh (Tagarus) 7"


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking w/ Sami-T of Mighty Crown ~ Thursday 18 November 2010!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 18 November 2010 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : Sami-T of Mighty Crown

Brand New Podcast : Year Of The Gun!

There is no doubt that gun tunes themselves are a deeply controversial aspect of Jamaican music. And I am not here to defend the tunes or the negative aspects of this mix. Music and art about violence have been around since, well, since the beginning of art itself and my podcast page will not solve any debates. What I hoped to show in this mix was the way in which the artists whose songs are included took the theme of violence and elevated it through metaphor, delivery, etc. into something closing in on the sublime; and when all is said and done, taking violence and turning it into art will always be positive.

Track List: Gun man medly (Barrington, Terror, Cobra, Panhead), RIP (cobra), Still (rickey General), Can’t Frighten Me (Red Rose), would a let you go (Jr. Cat), launch an attack(General TK). Dem a bad bwoy (Little Kirk), permit fi gun (Super Cat), ruff chat(Terry Ganzie), bad boy gringo (Terror Fabulous), coppershot (Bounty Killer), order (Terror Fabulous), who to Trust (Terry Ganzie), Long or Tall (Bounty Killer),Shine & Criss (Shabba Ranks), Wanted Outlaw (Terry Ganzie), Find & Kill (Cobra), Bad Boy (Super C), send another one come (pinchers), Go Away (Bounty Killer, Nitty Kutchie, Angel Doolas), Copper & Chrome (Ricky General), Old Dog (Terror Fabulous), bandelero (Pinchers). Greendelero (Beenie man), Bow-de-lero ( Wickerman ), Gundelero (cobra), Point of Conflict ( Ward 21), When the Sun Goes Down (Terry ganzie), Whoa (Cobra), Murder (Pinchers), Murder (Terry Ganzie), Cowboy Style (Josey Wales). Gun Bag (Junior Pops). Lodge (Bounty Killer), Spy Fi Die (Bounty Killer), Mark Death (spragga Benz) Mark 10 (Cobra), No Long Argument (Spragga Benz), Shot a Kill (Ninja Ford), Shot A Talk (Cobra), No Mercy (Bounty Killer), Boy Nuh Run (Bounty Killer/Ninja Man), Shot Em Up (Beenie Man), Batty Boy Fi Die (Red Dragon), Yush (Cobra), Twenty One (Pinchers/Bounty Killer), No Borrow Gun (Pinchers), My Magnum (Red Dragon), Gun Man Tune (Panhead), Say A Prayer (Spragga Benz) Not Another Word (Boounty Killer), Area Bad Bwoy (Frisco Kid), Mobster (Beenie Man), Iron Gloves (Jr. Cat)

EVENTS : Global Clash Kill Or Be Kill ~ Friday 3 December 2010!

Feat : Black Kat, Addies, Rootsman, Supersonic, Yard Beat
When : Friday 3 December 2010
Where : C-Pac (1020 E 48 St, Brooklyn)
Admission : $29.99


EVENTS : King Sturgav Thanksgiving Weekend Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? ~ Friday 26 November 2010!

Feat : Mykal Rose, Coco Tea, Frankie Paul, Everton Blender, Pinchers, Gerenal Trees, Briggy, Chrisinti
When : Firday 26 November 2010
Where : Amazura (91-12 144th Place, Queens)
Admission : $49.99 (Pre-Sold Tickets)

EVENTS : Thanksgiving History 2K10 David Rodigan, MIghty Crown, Tony Matterhorn, Steelie Bashment, Young Chow ~ Friday 26 November!

Feat : David Rodigan, Mighty Crown, Tony Matterhorn, Steelie Bashment, Young Chow
When : Friday 26 November 2010
Where : Nazareth Hall (East 58th St Between Clarendon & Ave D, Brooklyn)
Admission : $25 More At The Door

EVENTS : Legendary David Rodigan Return To The Bronx Thanks GIving Bash ~ Wednesday 24 November!

Feat : David Rodigan, Road International Disco
When : Wednesday 24 November 2010
Where : Mingels (4012 Boston Rd, Bronx)
Admission : $25

EVENTS : Royal Sound Women Road Block ~ Saturday 1 January 2011!

Feat : Rebel Dawtas, DJ Fayahrama, Queen Omega, Empress Divine, Black Empress 368, Night Nurse, Luv Bug Movement
When : Saturday 1 January 2011 11pm stars
Where : Upper Level (789 Dean St, Brooklyn)
Admission : $15 B4 12:30 $20 After
Subway : Clinton / Washington (C)

EVENTS : Queen Battle Royal Who Rules 2011 New York CIty Female Sound Clash ~ Saturday 12 March 2011!

Feat : Big Mama Sound, DJ Ayana Soyini, Kady Lee, Night Nurse, Vibz Ladyz, Rebel Dawtas
When : Saturday 12 March 2011
Where : Upper Level (789 Dean Street, Brooklyn)




Vibes were nice as we paid tribute to another icon in the industry, Sonia Pottinger, at our weekly Downtown Top Ranking at Happy Ending. Scratch Famous, Mr. K, and Queen Majesty dug deep into their ska, rocksteady, roots, rockers boxes of vinyl... The Brand New Machine party downstairs was in full effect as well as Max Glazer, Autograph, Whiteboy held the vibes with a nice mix of Hip Hop, R&B, & Dancehall. Nuff thanks to Estelle, Mr. Lexx, Delroy Park Heights, Johnny Osbourne, Willow Wilson, Barney of Stone Love, Devon "Bobo Saw" Clarke and everyone else that passed through!

Vanessa, Top Cat, Bintou. Howard & Joel. Mr. K in between Hiroshi & Sonny of Kitano Creation.

Johnny Osbourne & Barney of Stone Love, Devon "Bobo Saw" Clarke, Barney & Scratch Famous.

Next week Thurs 11/18 we will be joined by special guest, Ras Kush of Black Redemption Sound!


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking Tribute to Sonia Pottinger! ~ Thursday 11 November 2010!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 11 November 2010 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)

DDS selectors Scratch Famous, JD, MR.K and Queen Majesty plus some special guests will be playing a whole heap of GAY FEET and HIGH NOTE classics!

Chune In : East Village Radio 11/8/10 w/ Special Guest Bushman!

Seems with each passing week another legendary figure in the field of Jamaican music leaves these earthly chains for the great beyond. Last week we lost Gregory and this week the iconic producer Sonia Pottinger passed. Ms. Pottinger was possibly the first and definately the most succesful female producer in Jamaica. She started in the mid 60s cutting some killer ska sides and later fully embraced the new sounds of Rock Steady with arguably some of the fiinest 7"s of that genre. As early reggae blossomed into rockers, Ms. Pottinger was right in the middle of the fray not only with her own original tunes but her radical reconfigurations of Duke Reid's Catalog (which she had purchased after his passing). We paid full tribute to Ms. Pottinger on our November 8th Radio show with a full hour of her music.

For the second hour the great singer BUSHMAN passed through to play some tunes and talk some history!

And we were lucky to have Bushman perform CALL THE HEARSE for us...check it!

Check the Nov 8 archive!


Blog Check: Forward Ever (Backward Never!).

Long time sound man, writer, and all around musicologist, dj Tomas (UMOJA Hi-Fi) keeps the reasonings up to date on his blog Forward Ever.

Be sure to check his live (and archived) Ustream podcasts :

and his podomatic podcasts :

his label : Voltage Music

his sound : UMOJA HI-FI

Tomas can also heard time to time as guest host on Saturday nite Rockers, on KUSF 90.3 FM, Saturdays 11pm-2am www.kusf.org


Give thanks to everyone who came out as we paid tribute tothe Cool Ruler, Gregory Isaacs at Downtown Top Ranking last Thursday 10/28. Deadly Dragon Sound crew welcomed King Milo / All Purpose Sound, Granty Roots / Eastman Sound, and dj Tahl / Roots Invasion Sound as we all dug deep in our boxes to play our favorites from raritesto big hits by the Cool Ruler.

King Milo, Granty Roots, dj Tahl.

Scratch Famous, Mr. K, Queen Majesty, jD.

Druweed (Drum & Bass), Max Glazer (Federation Sound), Druweed.


EVENTS : Legalize Hawai'i ~ Saturday 6 November 2010!

Feat : Westafa, Zacarijah, Subzero
When : Saturday 6 November 2010 10pm - 2am
Where : V-Lounge (1344 Kona St, Honolulu, Hi)
Admission : Free!

For more info check :


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking Queen Majesty Birth Strong with Secret Guests! ~ Thursday 4 November 2010!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K with Secret Guest
When: Thursday 4 November 2010 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)

Brand New Podcast : Thing Called Love Inna We Heart!

This ya podcast a strictly vibes things! 70s grooves mixing with some present day badness all in dedication to the recent passing of the Cool Ruler, Gregory Isaacs.

#1. Johnny Taylor - Midnight Organ

#2. Don Carlos - Special Request To all Music Lover (Greensleeves 12")

#3. Cornell Campbell & Uroy - Babylon You Wrong (Zion High Productions 7")

#4. U Roy -- Love No Doctor Can Cure (Rebind 7")

#5. John Holt - Love is Gone (Moodisc 7")

#6. Johnny Osbourne -- Long Long Time (Summer Records 7")

#7. I Kong - The Way it Is (Top Ranking 7")

#8. Gregory Isaccs - Love Is Overdue (GGs 7")

#9. Gregory Isaacs - Ba Da (The Thing 7")

#10. Gregory Isaacs - Open The Door To My Heart (Andys 7")

#11. Dennis Brown - Once Upon a Time (acetate mix)

#12. Dennis Brown - If I Had The World 7" (Prince Buster)

#13 Dennis Brown - He Cant Spell (Move & Groove 7")

#14. Dennis Brown - Lips Of Wine (Move & Groove 7")

#15. Carlton & Shoes - Me & You (Trinity 7")

#16. Slim Smith - Gypsy Woman (Lees 7")

#17. Jah Stitt - Ja Woman (Perpetual Sound 7")

#18. Earl Moodie - Strange Things (Clocktower 12")

#19. Michael Rose - Artibella (taxi 7")

#20.Augustus Pablo - Hap Kido (Iron Fist 7")

#21. Jah Joe - DreadLocks Song (Aires 7")

#22, Super Roy - Flying High (Sounds By Monk)

#23. I Roy - Rootsman (Love 7")

#24. Gregory Isaacs - Bumping & Boring (African Museum 7")

#25. Echo Minott - Try to Hypnotize me (Jam Cam self titled LP)

#26. Bobby Culture - Health & Strength (Starlight 12")

#27. This World Dub (Justice League 7")

#28. Susan Cadogen - Fever (Upsetter 7")

#29. Robert Marshall - Bad Girl(Grass Quit 7")

#30. Gregory Isaacs - Babylon Too Rough (Belmont 7")

As always this Podcast was mixed live with vinyl...sweet vinyl!....with no computer edits or nonsense...Just 2 turntables, mixer and effects. For alla the big chune check WWW.Deadlydragonsound.com - Nuff thanks for listening!