EVENTS : Reggaeholics Amplified ~ Saturday 30 July 2011!

Feat : Vaughn Allstar, DJ Styff and Special Guest DJ's
When : Saturday 30 July 2011 10:30pm - 4am
Where : Sullivan Hall (214 Sullivan St, New York)
Admission : $10
Subway : West 4th St (A, B, C, D, E, F)


Video Check : Dub Is A Weapon w/ Rob Symeonn "Forwarding Home"

Nuff thanks and congrats to Dave Hahn Solo from Dub Is A Weapon on the release of their new video "Forwarding Home" featuring guest vocals by Rob Symeonn.



Highest Mountain, one of Japan's premier outdoor reggae festivals is happening this Saturday July 30.

Event : Mighty Jam Rock presents Highest Mountain 2011

Guests : Jumbo Maatch, Takafin, Boxer Kid, Pushim, Ryo the Skywalker, Chehon, NG Head, Moomin, Boogie Man, Vader, Arm Strong, Han Kun, Rudeboy Face, Rueed, SHINGO☆西成, Peter Man, Big Bear, Tak-Z, Pequu plus special guests from Jamaica : G-Whizz & Cocoa Tea.

Backing bands : Home Grown, Stoned Rockers, Chalisss Crew.

Guest Sounds : Mighty Jam Rock, Burn Down, Sunset, Scorpion, Yard Beat, Rodem Cyclone

MC : Rankin' Taxi

Highest Mountain Selection!

Takafin - Highest Mountain - Mighty Jam Rock Records 7"

Cocoa Tea - Highest Mountain - Witty 12"

G-Whizz - Who Jah Bless - Gachapan/Rockers Island 7"


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking w/ Dub Is A Weapon Music Video Premier ~ Thursday 28 July 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 28 July 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : Hahn Solo from Dub Is A Weapon, Rob Simeon

This week we are proud to host the world premiere of premier NYC dub band, DUB IS A WEAPON's music video "Forwarding Home" featuring Rob Simeon. Dub as a Weapon's Hahn Solo will be on hand to provide some serious vinyl selections, with Rob Symeon joining in on the mic for a quick set of his tunes.



Podcast : Cool Hand Luke - The Dancehall Document Vol. 2!

Big mix from our good friend inna London - Cool Hand Luke!

Cool Hand Luke - The Dancehall Document Vol. 2 by Cool-Hand-Luke


1. Super Black - Soundboy (Kennedy International 7)
2. Carl Meeks - We Rule Dancehall (Photographer 7)
3. Wayne Fire - Sexy Body (Wild Apache 12)
4. James Bond - Woman A Cus (Wild Apache 12)
5. Chicken Chest - Raggamuffin Part 2 (Ayeola 7)
6. Errol Bellot - When I Was A Youth (Y&D 12)
7. Pad Anthony - Dollar Sign (Papa Moke 12)
8. Frankie Wilmott & Captain Barkey - Money Gone Down The Drain (Stereo One 12)
9. Junie Ranks - Come Ya Fe A Man (Taurus 7)
10. Lucan Scissors - Nuh Easy At All (Tachyon 7)
11. Super Cat - Mandela Land (Eclipse 12)
12. Steve Knight - Too Much A Dem One Time (Ridim Force 7)
13. Pinchers - Cream Of The Crop (Pioneer Muzik 7)
14. Peter Hunnigale & Tippa Irie - Raggamuffin Girl (Clarkey & Blakey 12)
15. Singing Melody - Tie Me (Firehouse 7)
15. Me & You - Big Bit (Super Power LP)
16. Lilly Melody - She's a Rough Neck (Sonic Sounds Blank 7)
17. Pinchers - Young Fresh & Green (Linwood 12)
18. Frighty & Mite - Life (Y&D 12)
19. Peter Hunnigale - Perfect Lady (Fashion 12)
20. Papa San & Lt. Stitchie - One More Request (Blank 7)
21. Pad Anthony - The Bomb (Bounty Hunter 7)
22. Cane Juice - Take It Easy (Kingston 11 7)
23. Peckous - Body It No Dun (Sinbad 7)
24. General T.K. - I Spy (Carib Sound 12)
25. Sleepy Wonder - Big In Body (Deadly Dragon/Park Heights 7)
26. Tiger - Bad Tiger (Tachyon 7)
27. Super Morris - Danger Zone (Rythem Track 7)
28. Shaggy Wonder - Bad Man (Rythem Track 7)
29. Chopper - What Dem Deserve (Steely & Clevie 7)
30. Poison Chang - Visa Body (Steely & Clevie 7)
31. Silver Don - Try (Steely & Clevie 7)
32. Blacka Ranks - Good Hole Chart (Witty 12)
33. Bobby Zaro & Capleton - Young, Fresh & Green (Zorro 7)
34. Shabba Ranks & JC Lodge - Hardcore Loving (Music Works 7)
35. General Levy & Junior Dan - You Can't Hurry Love (Musik Street 12)
36. D Fex & Ganja Ash - The Way You Love Me (Stush 12)


Fresh Repress : Deadly Dragon Sound / Gem Star Repress!

Danny Coxson - Mass Out (Gem Star/Deadly Dragon Sound) 7"

From the Vaults Of Danny Coxson comes this giant piece of digital roots. Recorded in the late 80s, this one was never released so far as we know.

Event Report : Road To 横浜レゲエ際 ~ Saturday 16 July 2011!

Greetings Deadly Dragon Massive! Marr Hakase in a di place!


Last weekend in Yokohama was Mighty Crown’s “Road to Reggae Sai,” a battle for a slot in one of the biggest one-day reggae festivals in the world. This year’s billing features Shabba Ranks and Cocoa Tea, as well as a slew of Japan’s finest reggae/dancehall/hip hop performers such as Fire Ball, Papa B, Pushim, Shingo Nishinari, and many, many more. Road to Reggae Sai is one way Mighty Crown helps grow the local reggae scene by bringing in younger up-and-coming artists into the big event.

先週横浜でのマイティークラウンの「Road to Reggae祭」を見てきたんで報告させていただきます。今年の横浜レゲエ祭はShabbaCocoa Teaが様々な日本人のビッグアーティストと一緒に出るのでRoad toは新人アーティストにとって全国レベルでボスする大きなチャンスです。こういう形で次の世代の日本人アーティストを育つマイティーに尊敬最大!

To sum it up, I’d be surprised to find a comparable battle of dancehall MC talent on the rise in the US, if not anywhere else on the planet besides Jamaica. There were three groups of 5 acts with the winner of each group clashing in the final round. Here are three winners that made it to the final round.


Here, dancehall crew Shōrentai bring energy in numbers and comical lyrics to mash up group A.


Next, G2, winner of Group B, counteracts a Shōrentai tune.

次はグループBを勝利した G2が笑連隊をカウンターアクション

Here, J-Rexx brings high energy, speed rapping, wicked lyrics, and flying karate-kicks to win group C and eventually take the trophy.


Although all finalists were well deserving, I was pulling for singjay Mison B out of Osaka, who has the full package of lyrics, style, voice, and soul. She flexed her vocal skills to finish up the first round, but as you can see from the clips of the finalists, it was pure energy that ruled the evening.

決勝戦まで進んだアーティストは全員良かったけどやっぱ個人的に応援してたのは大阪のシングジェイMison B! 彼女のリリック、スタイル、声、ソウルの組み合わせは最高だな〜ファストラウンドで声の力で攻撃したけどやっぱり今回のイベントではエネルギーが勝負でした。

As Mison B continues to put out big chune after big chune, in the near future she’ll surely be on the Yokahama Reggae Sai bill without having to go through “Road to…”

Mison Bはこれからもいつも通りビッグチューンのリリースが続くとそのうちRoad toを通さないで横浜レゲエ祭にでるじゃないかと思います。期待しています!

Big up Mison B! Ya Bod!!!


Finally, not all is rosy with the winner of “Road to…” Here, J-Rexxx endures a flurry of victory tequila shots and a dō-age at the bar.

最後にRoad toの優勝者にとってすべてがバラ色じゃない。ここでJ-Rexxxがテキーラーの嵐に巻き込まれて胴上げもされて大変そうだった和!


Nuff thanks to Sami-T for the hook up.
Nuff thanks to 3443.


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking w/ Special Guest Neil Nice and Vaughn All Star ~ Thursday 21 July 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 21 July 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : Neil Nice and Vaughn All Star

This week DeadlyDragon selectors Scratch Famous, JD, Mr. K and Queen Majesty will be joined by two superb guests:
NEIL NICE -- longtime collector, selector and music maven!
VAUGHN ALL STAR - One of NYC's premier sound-men, radio host (WKCR) and all around good guys will be making his debut at DownTown Top Ranking.

Serious Vibes and Good peoples!


EVENTS : Coney Island Reggae Beach Party ~ Sunday 17 July 2011!

WKCR's Eastern Standard Time + Sound Liberation Front present:


Sunday | 17 JUL 2011
2pm to sunset | FREE | All ages

@ the Coney Island Boardwalk at W. 19th Street
Brooklyn, NY

By Train:

The D, F, N, and Q all stop at Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue, and it's a short stroll to the boardwalk from there. Make a right on the boardwalk and follow until you hear the music. Party is on the beach right by the parachute tower and the pier -- you'll hear it and then see people dancing!!

+ google: http://bit.ly/bfBkdV

/// For the second year in a row, WKCR’s Eastern Standard Time and the Sound Liberation Front will team up to bring the unique vibes of the Jaimaican Sound System to iconic Coney Island.

This year, the party will move to a new location at W 19th Street and will take place directly on the beach. The event is absolutely FREE so make sure you bring the entire Family. There will be plenty of activities to keep you busy around the dancefloor (Volleyball, soccer...)

Expect an all-star lineup of top ranking selectors and guest vocalists curated by Carter Van Pelt from WCKR. Some notable talents who spontaneously performed at previous editions of the event include dancehall legends Johnny Osbourne, Carlton Livingston, Peter Ranks, Mikey Jarrett, seminal NYC sound system Sir Tommy's and legendary record producer Clive Chin.

Don't forget the sunscreen, beach towels and long chairs and come enjoy the sun to the perfect soundtrack of the season. ///


SOUND LIBERATION FRONT is a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization devoted to the power of music as a socially liberating and unifying cultural force. Our previous productions include the Sound Liberation Festival '09 in Brooklyn and the Soundlib parties at Moe's in Fort Greene.

+ check out the SLF Blog: <http://www.soundliberation​.org/>
+ Join the SLF movement: <http://www.facebook.com/so​undliberation>

EASTERN STANDARD TIME is WKCR 89.9FM's Jamaican music program that airs live every Saturday from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. The show is devoted to presenting all Jamaican music forms, but with a predominant emphasis on roots Reggae of the '70s and early '80s, Rocksteady from the mid '60s and Ska from the early '60s. EST was previously known as Reggae Riddims.





EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking Londoners Inna New York w/ Special Guest Felix Hall & Jagger ~ Thursday 14 July 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 14 July 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : Felix Hall (Trash & Ready/Tighten Up), Jagger (Honest Jon's)

Brand New Podcast : Summertime Rock Ya Dun Know!

Yes indeed -- this ya podcast called a Summertime Rock. Big up to 90s and riddim like Pepperseed, cordy roy, Hot This Year! This ya mix is for some sitting on your stoop vibes! Some chilling on the beach vibes! Hugging up your gal vibes! Cold beer in a can vibes!!!

Playlist: Gary Minott - No More Chance (Mad House 7) / Terror Fabulous - Number 2 (Mad House 7) / Daddy Screw & Donovan Steele - Big Things a Gwaan (Mad House 12") / Terror Fabulous - Yuh Nuh Kotch (Mad House 7) / Buju Banton - Man a Look Yu (Mad House 12) / Corvin Melody - Kill a Sound / Rayvon - No Guns No Murder (VP 12) / Wayne Wonder & Louie Culture - Live & Learn (Mad House 7) / Nadine Sutherland & Terror Fabulous - Action (Mad House 7) / Carol Gonzalez & Buju - No Second Class (Penthouse 12) / Terry Ganzie - Whosoever May Come (Penthouse 7) / Daddy Screw and Donovan Steele - Buff Up Your Chest (Mad House 12) / Gary Minot - Seek God (Mad House 12) / Beenie Man - Slam (Mad House 12) / Spragga Benz - W (Mad House 12) / Terror Fabulous & Wayne Wonder - Talk About (Mad House 12) / Louie Culture - Excellence (Mad House 12) / Daddy Screw & Donovan Steele - Kerry (Mad House 12) / Snow feat. Nadine Sutherland, Beenie Man, Buju, Terror (East West 12) / Screechy Dan & Red Foxx - Pose Off (Tan Yah 12") / Pinchers - Big Cheif (Hot this Year LP - TanYah) / Dirtsman - Hot This Year (Tan Yah 12") / Papa San - Run The Route (Digital B 7) / Shaggy - Mampie (Tan Yah 12) / Screechy Dan & Baja Jedd - Big Bills (Signet 12) / Shaggy & Rayvon - Big Up (Signet 12") / Nike Fungus - The Gig (Signet 12) / Buccaneer - Tek It Easy (Juvenile 7) / Lady G - Breeze Off (Juvenile 7) / Vegas - Heads High / General Degree - Traffic Blocking / Red Rat - Tight Up Skirt (Opera House 7) / Buccaneer - Plenty More Gal (Opera House) / Louie Culture - Ganga Lee (Stone Love 7) / Silver Cat - Fowl Affair (Shocking Vibes 7) / Terry Ganzie - Tougher Them Dem (Shocking Vibes 7) / Terry Ganzie - Dutty and Mouly (Shocking Vibes 12) / Super Cat - Scalp Dem (Wild Apache 7) / Sugar Minott - Dust Dem Out 12 (Wild Apache 12) / Vegas - Cant Keep My Eye Off of You (Hi-Profile 7) / TOK & Lady Saw - Hardcore Lover (Hi-Profile 7) / Vegas -- Jacket (Hi Profile 7) / Beenie Man - Number One (Hi Profile 7) / TOK - Put Your Hand In The Air (Call Me Shams 7) / Vegas - Shout it Out (Call Me Shams 7) / Chico - Hard (Call Me Shams 7) / Cobra - Tek Dat (Call Me Shams 7) / Omar Gosh - Millenium Jump (Acid Rain 7) / Ghost -Come Back Again (Acid Rain 7) / Beenie Man - Badman 2K (Acid Rain 7) / Rayvon & Red Foxx - Bashment Party (Mad House 12) / Beenie Man - Hypocrites (Xtra Large 7) / Bounty Killer - Eagle & Hawk (Xtra Large 7) / Jig Saw - Good Body Gal (Kennedy 7) / Bugle - Hypocrites (TJ Records 7) / Serani - No Games (TJ Records 7) / Buccaneer & Scare Dem - Badman Nah Stray (Opera House 7)


Fresh Repress : New Gold Shop Reissue From 14 Karat!

Sluggy Ranks - Another One Bites The Dust (14 Karat/Gold Shop) 7"

Sluggy Ranks - Too Chatty Chatty (14 Karat/Gold Shop) 7"

Mikey General - Your Sound A Loafter (14 Karat/Gold Shop) 7"

Fresh Repress : New Digikiller Reissue From Harmodio!

Don Hickey - Try A Thing (Harmodio/Digikiller) 7"

Don Hickey - Dancehall Rock (Harmodio/Digikiller) 7"

Don Hickey - Let Us Cooperate (Harmodio/Digikiller) 7"


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking ~ Thursday 7 July 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 7 July 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)

Deadly Dragon Sound selectors JD, Mr. K, Queen Majesty and Scratch Famous provide the biggest, baddest, ruffest and tuffest foundation styles from Rock Steady to deep roots to heavy rub a dub in a pure vinyl Style!

Serious Vibes and Good peoples!

EVENTS : Yew Nork JP presents Charity Event For Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Victims @ LPR Gallery Bar ~ Sunday 17 July 2011!

Yew Nork JP presents

A Charity Event for Victims of the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

w/ guest djs :

Lord Finesse (D.I.T.C.)

Boogie Blind (X-Ecutioners)

Jasmine Solano

Fadda T (King Ryukyu Sound)

Stellas & Dutches


Deadly Dragon Sound

*** Sun July 17 2011 ~ 10pm - 4am ***

Open bar by Heineken 10pm - 11pm

LPR Gallery Bar : 158 Bleecker Street NYC 10012

Door : $10 Suggested Donation

** 100% of the proceeds collected will go to Japan Earthquake &
Tsunami relief efforts.

for more info : yewnorkjp.blogspot.com


nuff thanks to the following sponsors :

Acapulco Gold

Clae Footwear


Mel D Cole



Stellas & Dutches

Deadly Dragon Sound

Five Star Osaka


for more info check :






EVENTS : Soul Night! ~ Friday 8 July 2011!

DJ's : Warren Lee, Johnny Metro, Lil' Jerk
When : Friday 8 July 2011 10pm - 4am
Where : Beauty Bar Brooklyn (921 Broadway, Brooklyn)
Subway : Myrtle/Broadway (J, M, Z)
Admission : Free


EVENTS : Reggae With You Horace Martin! ~ Thursday 28 July 2011!

Feat : Horace Martin, Lambsbread Sound, U-Rie
When : Thursday 28 Julay
Where : Sala Apolo (Barcelona)