EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound & Backayard Magazine presents Downtown Top Ranking With Special Guest K-VIBES & Fumibella! ~ Thursday 3 March 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 3 March 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : K-Vibes, Fumibella, Selector Sweet V

Exclusive give aways from Backyard Magazine all night long!

Brand New Podcast : Nuff Respect To Park Heights Crew!

Yesss....Park Heights / Deadly Dragon Sound Link Up Pt. 4! This ya mix celebrates the release of our latest reissues with the great Park Heights Label out of Brooklyn, NYC. For the past year we have worked with Park Heights owner and Producer Delroy Francis in reissuing some of the wickedest and rarest tunes that he put out.

Track List:

General Dub (Dubplate)

Hopeton Junior - Reward (Hitbound)

Frankie Paul - Worries in the Dance (Dubplate)

Patrick Andy - Jailhouse No Nice (General we General LP - Hitbound)

Michael Palmer - So Far (Dubplate)

Midnite Riders - Clash inna rydim (General we General LP - Hitbound)

Michael Prophet - Been Talking (Greensleeves 12")

Billy Boyo - Run go tell Baby Mother (Volcano 7")

Blank Unknown Track

Robert Ffrench - Mother in Law (The Favourite LP)

Anthony Johnson - Nah Give Up (Rockers Forever 12")

Roman Stewart - Black Me Black (Park Heights / DeadlyDragon exclusive 7")

Little John - Slice of the Cake (Germain 12")

Mikey General - Take a Chance (Hamma 12")

Horace Andy - Archibella (Hamma 12")

Robert Ffrench - Cut Eye Cut Eye (The Favourite LP)

Roman Stewart - Modellers (Park Heights / DeadlyDragon exclusive 7")

Captain Kid - Trouble Never Set (Multi Stars 7")

Prince Junior - Crucial Boy (Live & Love 12")

Carl Meeks - Danger (Redman 7")

Sleepy Wonder - Big In Body (Park Heights / DeadlyDragon exclusive 7")

Lloyd Stiff - Wine Up (Gyasi 12")

Hippy Ranks - Girls Love Money Man (Rockers Master Intl 7")

Sleepy Wonder - Maga Man (Park Heights / DeadlyDragon exclusive 7")

Dignitary Stylish - Jah Send Mi Come (Harmodio 7")

Cocoa Tea - The Time Has Come (Harry J 7")

Daddy Lily - Money Fi Love Up (Redman 7")

Sluggy Ranks - Stamma Style (Park Heights / DeadlyDragon exclusive 7")

Sleepy Wonder - 88 Champion (Park Heights / DeadlyDragon exclusive 7")

Nuthead - Jailhouse (Wild Apache 12")

Jr. Reid - Bad Man (JR 7")

Super Black & Rubber t - 6 for 9 (Jam Rock 7")


Hot Land - Sound Boy

Jig Saw - Fever (Sky High 7")

Linval Thompson - General (7")

Ludwick Smith - Big Dance (El Ringo 7")

Fresh Repress! : Deadly Dragon Sound // Park Heights Repress Series ~ Part 4!

Park Heights / Deadly Dragon Sound Link Up Pt. 4! What a year it has been -- nuff massive titles! For 2011 we start with the massive Roman Stewart 2sider - Black me Black b/w Modellers. These two tunes were previously only available on Roman's killer (and HARD HARD HARD to find) LP - RULING & CONTROLLING that he cut for Park Height's other label I-95 back in the 80s. Black We Black takes on Botha and all racists with some heavy duty minor key DREAD menace that touches on the classic Heathen lyrics! Modellers is a Brooklyn anthem calling out all the massive and crew who come TRASH & READY each and every night!

Roman Stewart - Black Me Black / Modellers
(Park Heights / Deadly Dragon Sound) 7"

One of the most coveted pieces of Park Heights' music the Sleepy Wonder 2 sider - Big In Body / Maga Man. These two tunes exemplify Brooklyn Digital inna DJ style...Heavy Duty, rolling bass lines and a fast chat style that sounds as nimble and rhythmatic as genius drum solo...Simply put Sleepy Wonder KILLS on this classic attack on all child molesters...and not just Kills but kills in the first seconds so this tune announces itself as SERIOUS BIDNESS!!! And not to let the A-side overshadow things, Sleepy comes just as correct on the ruff lick of an "almost" Mud Up. Two Dangerous Tune inna one music! These were originally released on a I-95 12" and this represents the first time they are on a 7".

Sleepy Wonder - Big In Body / Mega Man
(Park Heights / Deadly Dragon Sound) 7"

The Killer 2 sider Sluggy Ranks - Stamma Style / Sleepy Wonder - 88 Champion! Yeesssss....These two tunes were originally released together on a I-95 12" and this represents the first time they are on a 7". Sluggy and Sleepy! Bwoy, two heartical denizens of the Brookylyn digital underground come together were two BLAZING sides over a classic bass licked Park Heights riddim. Singjay + the fast chat = MASSIVE CHUNE!!!

Sluggy Ranks / Sleepy Wonder - Stamma Style / 88 Champion
(Park Heights / Deadly Dragon Sound) 7"



In Jamaica, I like to think that the eighties pulled away from the seventies to the heated thump of a “Junjo” Lawes’ riddim. With Rudebwoy style, the one decade hot stepped away from the other to a soundtrack led by the new DJ styles of General Echo and Yellowman and the militant grace of singers like Half Pint and Barrington Levy. Stur-Grav, Killamanjaro, Youthman Promotions and Black Scorpio were pumping out tunes that re-affirmed the dignity and pride of the ghetto dwellers by speaking to its citizens in their own language of hope. And Jamaal Pete and Limoneous were creating a graphic parallel to the music – an art that sought its inspiration in the dancehalls that were the pride of Jamaican ghettos.

I know that I am simplifying things, but in many ways rub a dub moved away from seventies reggae by focusing on the physical space of the dancehall itself. As the violence eased up in Kingston, the dancehalls began to flourish once again and producers, singers and DJs began to create a music that spoke directly to the crowds who were packing events from the city to the countryside. As in the ska age, the new dancehall music brought us the joyous energy of people escaping their daily sufferration for a moment with the drive of riddim in its purest form.

Limoneous and Jamaal Pete became the graphic interpreters of dancehall music. In a relatively brief time they pumped out an endless stream of record covers, label designs and posters. Limoneous was the humorist – like a Jamaican Daumier, he was graphic and bold with a wide ranging ghetto humor that lovingly spoofed all ghetto people from self-important Dons to skinny men who love the fat gals and so much more – Hells Yes! Limoneous had horny rats, Frankie Paul on a donkey, bugged out nipples, huge asses, freaky horses, nympho mermaids, weed smoking Rastas, dirty higglers and every other type under the blazing Kingston sun.

Jamaal Pete, on the other hand, was the Ghetto Futurist. Like a one man time machine his deceptively sophisticated paintings ripped apart the barriers of distance and time landing Barry Brown in the Far East; casting Lone Ranger into the far reaches of Space; Ringo and Toyan pop up in the Old West while a Lion headed Rasta – two spliffs in hand – mans the microphone with the dignity of Jah himself.

If dancehall music re-affirmed the pride and dignity of Jamaica’s ghettos by creating a music that spoke the language of the people, Limoneous and Jamaal Pete did the same thing with their art. For a Jamaican underclass who had been ignored and derided by Jamaica’s mainstream media, a Limoneous cover elevated ghetto massive by showing that their lives, their energy, their humor were worthy of depiction. In the same manner, a Jamaal Pete cover spoke to the inner dignity of Ghetto people by lifting them from their earthly bonds and taking them beyond space and time to wherever their hopes and dreams lay.

So here's a bunch of Limonious and Jamaal Pete artwork for you to enjoy!

EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking ~ Thursday 24 February 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 24 February 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)

EVENTS : Dirty Reggae Party VIII ~ Friday 25 February 2011!

Feat : Rudie Crew, Jah Love and The Valentinians, The Hard Times, 100 DB's, Crazy Baldhead
When : Friday 25 February 2011 8pm starts
Where : The Lake (268 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn)
Admission : $6


Asher Selector from Positive Airline Sound!

Bless Up man like Asher Selector from Positive Airline Sound who pass thru DDS for some BIG Junior Reid chune!


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking / w Special Guest Donwbeat The Ruler, DJ Small Change ~ Thursday 17 February 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 17 February 2017 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : Downbeat The Ruler, DJ Small Change

EVENTS : Idlers Rest by Yuri Shibuya ~ Friday 25 February - Saturday 12 March 2011!

When : Friday 25 February - Saturday 12 March 2011 12:00 - 19:00 Sunday Closed
Opening Reception, Thursday 24 February 2011 19:00 - 21:00
Where : Gallery Target (2-32-10 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


EVENTS : Tony Screw Downbeat the Ruler Birthday Celebration ~ Sunday 20 February 2011!

Feat : Tony Screw, K Vibes, Anthony Ellis, Judar Eskender, Jah Wise, Blunt Posse, Kevin Crown, Shashamane Sounds, Chris Apone, DJ Gringo
When : Sunday 20 February 2011 9pm start
Where : Rose Garden (4224 Church Ave, Brooklyn)
Admission : $15 B4 12am



EVENTS : Massive B Fire Sundays President Weekend ~ Sunday 20 February 2011!

Feat : Massive B
When : Sunday 20 February 2011 10pm - 4am
Where : Caribbean City (103 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn)
Admission : $20

Bobby Konders @ Deadly Dragon

Bobby Konders w/ Dennis Brown T Shirts!

Massive B Selection!

Burro Banton - Tek A Set (Massive B) 7"


EVENTS : DownTown Top Ranking - Reggae Revive Sessions

Last year we started Down Town Top Ranking as a way for us Deadly Dragon folks to showcase serious Jamaican foundation music from Ska to Rocksteady; from early Reggae to Roots; from rub a dub to even some new tunes that hearken back to that original style. Along the way we have had the pleasure of hosting some of our favorite selectors, sounds and performers from both around the way and around the world. And over the past couple months Down Town Top Ranking has been joined by Brand New Machine -- a killer party of up to tha time Dancehall with Max Glazer (Federation Sound) , DJ AUTOGRAPH, Whyteboy Chris and guests. Foundation Upstairs, Dancehall Downstairs! Wicked!!!

Max Glazer & Micro Don!

We were recently joined by the great singer BUSHMAN who celebrated the release of his new CD, BUSHMAN SINGS THE BUSH DOCTOR: A TRIBUTE TO PETER TOSH. Bushman grabbed the mic for a wicked session of his classic tunes and some of the Peter Tosh selections that grace his new CD. We were blessed to have the man and paid tribute by digging up some of our favorite Peter Tosh tunes for the massive dem which included the great producer Clive Chin and plenty of artists including NY's own Willow Wilson

Bushman on the mic!

Willow Wilson!

NYC is blessed with great DJs in all the various genres of music -- thumping house DJs, smoking Hip Hop Djs...Whatever you want we got! One of our favorites is DJ Cosi. For years Cosi has truly represented the flavor of New York, blending together hip hop, disco, soul, R&B and Reggae into a seamlessly joyful mix. He joined us last week and niced up the place with a killer set of dancehall classics. Here he is in deep concentration:

and with our own JD

So...anytime any of you are free on a Thursday...you know where we are:



EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking / w Special Guest King Jam Sound ~ Thursday 10 February 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 10 February 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : King Jam Sound



Fresh Repress! : New Digikiller Reissue From Flabba!

Killer Reissue from the fine people at Digikiller / Deeper Knowledge. As they have written this reissue series is "from the early 1980's, three vocals from one of our top artists, Barry Brown, alongside four killer dubs. Produced and arranged by Roots Radics bass player and main man Flabba Holt, these tracks are among Barry's best and have been mostly unavailable since their original release almost thirty years ago. "Them Ha Fi Get a Beating" and "War Monger" both come as originally released, while "Physical Fitness" now comes backed with two additional and different dubs of the "Them Ha Fi..." and "War Monger" rhythms, both of which were only previously available on LP. Hard rock 80's roots sounds from the unbeatable combination of Barry Brown, Roots Radics Band, and Channel 1 studio.

Barry Brown - Physical Fitness (Flabba / Digikiller) 12"

Barry Brown - Them Ha Fi Get A Beatin (Flabba / Digikiller) 12"

Barry Brown - Warmonger (Flabba / Digikiller) 12"

Brand New Podcast : Rock Me Steady!

Rock Steady TAKE OVER!!! Straight from the deep vaults of Deadly Dragon comes this here mix of late ska, cool rocksteady and some early reggae. All tunes played in Big Man style -- all vinyl, no edits, no cds, no serrato, no bullshit -- 2 turntables, mixer, effects and mic!

Track List:

1. Jo Jo Bennett - Living Soul (Gay Feet - Rock a Shocka Reissue)

2. Bobby Aitken - Give Me A Chance ( SEP Pre-Release)

3. Danny Simpson & Tommy McCook - Mary Poppins (Treasure Isle)

4. The Gay Lads - If You Knew (Coxsone)

5. Lord Creator - Such Is Life (Randys / Rock a Shocka Reissue)

6. Three Tops - Man Of Chances (Coxsone UK)

7. Hopeton Lewis - This Music Got Soul (Merritone Blank)

8. Lloyd & Glen - You Got Me Going (Crystal Blank)

9. Henry 3rd a.k.a. Henry Buckley - You Never Could Be True (Merritone)

10. Alfred Tomlinson - Don't Wait for Me (Studio One)

11. Sensations - Sweets For My Sweet (Wirl)

12. Lloyd Charmers - Things Going Wrong (Strudio One)

13. Johnny & Attractions - Let's Get Together (Gay Feet - Rock a Shocka Reissue)

14. Termites - I Made a Mistake (Coxsone)

15. Carlton & Shoes - This Feelings (coxsone)

16. Ken Parker - Change Gonna Come (Lees Blank)

17. Honey Boy Martin - Dreader Than Dread (Caltone Blank)

18. Errol Dunkley - The Scorcher (Amalgamated)

19. The Originators - Hot Iron (SEP)

20. Emotions - Rude Boy Confession (Caltone)

21. Winston Samuels - Im The Greatest (Coxsone)

22. Hamlins - Trying To Keep a Good Man Down (Coxsone)

23. Roy Shirley - The Prophet (Fire)

24. Roy Shirley - The Winner (Star pre-release)

25. Justin Hinds & Dominos - Carry Go Bring (Treasure Isle)

26. Peter Austin - Lonely Heartaches (Shockin)

27. Lloyd & Glen - That Girl (Crystal Blank)

28. Hortense Ellis - Groovy Kind of Love (Coxsone UK)

29. Phillis Dillon - Don't Stay Away (Doctor Bird)

30. Lord Creator - Come Down 68 (Randys - Rock a Shocka Reissue)

31. Errol Dunkley - Dub Plate Special

32. Paragons - My Number One (Super Tone)

33. Alton Ellis - Laba Laba (Duke Reid)

34. Ken Booth - In Love With Another Man (Coxsone Blank)

35. Ken Parker - True True True (Treasure Isle)

36. Heptones - Message From A Black Man (Coxsone)

37. Sir Harry - Sound No. 1 (Sir Harry)

38. Slim Smith - Burning Desire (Unity)

39. Jackie Mittoo - Jericho Skank (Studio One)