EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking W. Special Guest Reggae Rajahs & Mark Du Mez ~ Thursday 30 June 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 30 June 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : Reggae Rajahs & Mark Du Mez


DONWTOWN TOP RANKING - Reggae Revive Sessions
with special guests:
Mr. Herbalist of REGGAE RAJAHS Sound System - India's first official Reggae Sound system based out of New Dehli. This is their first stateside appearence.
Mark Du Mez -- Mark is a wicked selector and collector of reggae vinyl and we are excited to see what he brings out!


Video Check : Nobody Canna Cross It!

Nobody Canna Cross It ~ Clifton Twanging Brown Refix Video - dj Powa

Nobody Canna Cross It Dance ~ Blackgold Dance Crew

For more info on Hanna and the crew check :

Clifton Brown still canna cross it!

Interview w/ Clifton Brown & dj Powa on Smile Jamaica


EVENTS : Richie Spice With New Kingston Reggae Gold 2011 Release Party ~ Monday 27 June 2011!

Feat : Richie Spice, New Kingston
When : Monday 27 June 2011 Doors 8pm Show 9pm
Where : SOB'S (204 Varick St, New York)
Ticket : $25


Richie Spice Selection!

Richie Spice - Earth A Run Red (Henfield Records) 7"

Richie Spice - Open Da Door (Massive B) 7"

Richie Spice - Land of Jamaica (Shocking Vibes) 7"

Richie Spice - Brown Skin (Don Corleon) 7"

Richie Spice - Youths A So Cold (Massive B) 7"


Events : Fever! Dj Hazime's Birthday Bash ~ Fri 17 June 2011!

Big Up Deadly Dragon Family!!!


This here is Marr Hakase a.k.a. Dr. Marr, fan and friend of DDS, with a special likkle Japanese reggae report from Tokyo!


Last Friday I was able to meet with corporate leaders, politicians, US Ambassador to Japan, etc. to talk about US-Japan relations and ting. But after immersing in the core of Babylon East,it was all about Japanese reggae at Club Ageha on Tokyo Bay. If you are in Tokyo on a Friday night be sure to check out the wicked dancehall scene poolside! Arrive late with your wining shoes on, because the party continues through sunrise and don’t stop until 8 in the mornin’.

去年FIUで踊っていただいたHelty Baddy GirlsYoukoさんが踊ると言う事でまだ時差ぼけだったけどひとりぼっち外人おっさんスタイルで夜中に足をのばして行ってみた。結論から言えば久しぶりに東京でダンスホールバイブズを味わってとても楽しかった和!

Leading up the dancing were the energy goddesses, original bad gal crew Helty Baddy Girls! Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Youko-san, who you may catch dancing in NY, Kingston, or soon in Toronto. She came down to Miami and danced for my students at FIU (click the link above to check it out).

Blast StarUnity SoundBlack Gold Soundなどのレゲエ/ダンスホールのプレーを朝まで十分楽しませてもらったんだけどやっぱりハイライトはDJ Hazimeの誕生日お祝いにoriginal queen of Japanese reggaePushimさんのサプライズライブだったな〜。

International Japanese sounds Blast Star, Unity Sound, and Black Gold Sound mashed up the dance all night long. But the highlight had to be catching a special surprise performance of the original singing queen of Japanese reggae, Ms. Pushim-P! She came out to sing a special happy birthstrong chune for hip hop specialist DJ Hazime.

大分前からPushimの大ファンだけど今までは一回しかライブ見た事なくて、先週の東京でのライブも仕事が急がしくて見逃したので宝のような体験だった。よくマイアミビーチで一杯のみながらipodで聞くrainbow」という歌を歌ってくれた。やっぱりあのsoulful voiceは最高だなとおもった。緊張してて下手な日本語で喋ったと思うけど本人直接に感謝の言葉が伝えられて嬉しかった和。

I’ve been a fan of Pushim’s music since she burst pon da scene in the late 1990s, but had only seen her live once before. She sang her big tune “Rainbow.” I usually listen to it on my ipod sitting on Miami Beach, so to hear it live in Tokyo was a true treasure.

その後はHelty Baddyのダンスタイムが始まってYoukoさんとYumikoさんと生徒さんたち8人で踊ってくれてマシュー教授おっさんまでも元気与えられた。この映像はバッドマインドを燃やしてるステップ!

After that, it was time for Helty Baddy to ram up the dance. This time they brought their students along to keep the vibes up and dash way bad mind till the early morn.

やっぱりHelty Baddy Girlsに日本だけじゃなくてグローバル活動続けてもらいたいな〜。Blast StarAri-Tさんも今度Ft. Lauderdaleに戻るらしいのでアメリカでのダンス楽しみにしてる和。

Keep an eye out for Helty Baddy at a dance near you ‘cause they global! Ari-T from Blast Star is coming back to Ft. Lauderdale, so be sure to check him if you’re in South Florida. If you haven’t scoped Pushim’s discography you are truly missing out. Be sure to check for her music at Deadly Dragon cause you may be able to find a gem or two.

ちょっと長くなっちゃったけどHelty Baddy、すべてのサウンドマン、そしてPushimさんに感謝感謝&Big UP!イベントの他の写真みたい方はHelty Baddy Blogチェックしてね。

Be sure to check the Helty Baddy Blog link above for more photos from the event! Nuff nuff thanks to Helty Baddy Girls, all sound man, and the one and only Queen Pushim!

Ari T (Blast Star), Marr博士、Youko (Helty Baddy),


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking ~ Thursday 23 June 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 23 June 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)

Deadly Dragon Sound selectors JD, Mr. K, Queen Majesty and Scratch Famous provide the biggest, baddest, ruffest and tuffest foundation styles from Rock Steady to deep roots to heavy rub a dub in a pure vinyl Style!

Serious Vibes and Good peoples!

Brand New Podcast : Downtown Top Ranking meets Vinyl Junkie w. Papa Cojie Live May 2011!


Live PA recording! Papa Cojie (Mighty Crown) killing it with roots and acetate special!


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking Meets The Legend Dawn Penn ~ Thursday 16 June 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 16 June 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : Dawn Penn

Deadly Dragon is proud to present the Legend, DAWN PENN, live & direct celebrating the release of her latest CD - DAWN PENN: VINTAGE (a collection and celebration of some of her most famous songs of the 60s). Dawn Penn will be joined by DeadlyDragon selectors Scratch Famous, JD, MR. K and Queen Majesty all selecting the finest in Jamaican music from Ska to Roots inna strictly vinyl style.



EVENTS : Massive B Anniversary ~ Saturday 11 June 2011!

Feat : Massive B, Barrington Levy, Demarco, Mister Cee, Young Chow, King Jam, Pretty Posse
When : Saturday 11 June 2011 Doors Open 11pm
Where : Albany Manor (585 Albany Ave, Brooklyn)
Admission : $20 After


Fresh Repress : Tasha and Channel One Repress from Deeper Knowledge!

New Tasha / Deeper Knowledge Reissues!

Wayne Smith / Gilly Buchanan - Dancing Machine / Me No Mix (Tasha / Deeper Knowledge) 12"

Wayne Smith / Patrick Andy - Rain From The Sky / Aint No Me (Tasha / Deeper Knowledge) 12"

New Channel One Reissues - Lost & Found Special!

Barry Brown- No, No, No (Channel One / Deeper Knowledge) 10"

Patrick Andy -Don't Worry Yourself / Leave The Door (Channel One/ DeeperKnowledge) 12"


EVENTS: Downtown Top Ranking!

April and May have seen some amazing nights at Downtown Top Ranking -- wicked selectors and great guest artists.

So much good vibes that we have to do a week by week recap of all the highlights!

On April 14th we welcomed Japan's Masterpiece Sound who blessed us with serious dubs and selections. Big up Maga Chin -- Serious selector!

Maga Chin from Masterpiece Sound!

On April 21st, one of our favorite local selectors - UNI-T from HUMAN CREST sound passed through. Next day was a bank holiday so things got crazy with a packed house all night thru!

Uni-T from Human Crest Sound!

On April 28th things got deep. Things got SERIOUS when DownTown Top Ranking met Vinyl Junkie with Papa Cojie selecting the big tunes all night longs. Crazy Dubs! Deep Roots -- everything one would expect when a group of Jamaican vinyl obsessives start going tune for tune in a BIG PEOPLE style!

We recorded audio of the night, so check it here!

Papa Cojie!

On May 5th we were twice blessed when one of our favorite new Deejays passed through -- yes indeed, the man called MILLION STYLEZ jumped on the mic and simply tore down the place! When his set was finished our good friend DJ MIHOKO jumped on the turntables for a big set in honor of her birthday. Nuff Respect Million Stylez and DJ MIHOKO

Million Stylez!

On May 12th -- We moved back to the serious foundation of the music when we hosted the Ska Professor, Dexter Campbell of Echo Vibrations and Jah Wise of Tippatone sound...These two selectors have been playing since the 60s and their musical knowledge is without equal. Tuff Tuff Ska and Rocksteady all night for the Massive!!!!

Jah Wise!

Dexter Campbell!

On May 19th BBC Sound with Seeborn, Robbie and Charlie Brown. BBC Sound is one of the true foundation NYC sounds -- they have a killer box of dubs and REAL taste in TRUE music. Long Time bredrin for real!!!!


Charlie Brown!

On May 26th...SHINEHEAD!!! YESSSS SHINEHEAD!!!! He is one of our favorite people, favorite artists and favorite selectors and he just murdered it on this night!!!! GREAT vibes! And if things weren't killer enough, SCREECHY DAN passed through and jumped on the mic alongside the singer Jr. "Willow" Wilson!!! Amazing tunes! Amazing Yodelling! Whistling! Singing!!! Check the videos!!!!!!!!!!!


Screechy Dan and Shinehead!

Shinehead and Willow Wilson!


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking w/ Special Guest Steven Nereo & Human Crest Sound ~ Thursday 9 June 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 9 June 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : Steven Nereo & Human Crest Sound

This week's special guests are Selector Steven Nereo (Slabco, Single Ape) and Uni-T from Human Crest Sound.

All the way from the West Coast, Steven Nereo brings a full throttle selection of Foundation classics steeped in the sounds of Studio One and the golden rub a dub era of the 80s.

Uni-T (Human Crest) can be counted on to pass through and nice up the place with with a killer set of Serious Music.


EVENTS : In4mation "One Love" Gshock release party w/ Deadly Dragon & Mighty Crown! Wed 8 June 2011!

J A H L O H A !

All Hawai'i massive! Please join In4mation as they celebrate the release of their 5th GSHOCK timepiece collaboration this Wed June 8, 2011!

For this special occasion, Ooklah The Moc will be playing the private party, followed by JD of Deadly Dragon Sound, then Sami-T from Mighty Crown, The Far East Rulers!

10pm - 12am
Mai Tai Bar (1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI)




Our good friends and long time supporters at In4mation Hawaii teamed up with Casio G-Shock once again. This time with the "One Love" red, gold, green color way collaboration. Check the packaging!

Quantity is limited and at the moment, only available direct from in4mation.



Big ups to Todd, Ryan, Rhandy, Jun & the crew!


EVENTS : Deadly Dragon Sound Presents Downtown Top Ranking w/ Special Guest Byze One Sound ~ Thursday 2 June 2011!

Selectors: Scratch Famous, Queen Majesty, Selector JD and Mr.K
When: Thursday 2 June 2011 10pm - 4am
Where: Happy Ending (302 Broome St, New York)
Admission: Free
Subway: Grand St (B,D)
Special Guest : Byze One Sound


This week DownTown Top Ranking is proud to present, all the from Los Angeles, the great DJ/Selector BYZE ONE (Soundation). BYZE ONE is among the leading lights of Southern California's DJ scene. For the past couple of years he has been running a party called SOUNDATION in LA which has attracted such guest selectors as Shinehead, DJ JFX, The Beat Junkies, DJ DAZ and more. We are thrilled to have him passing through this week.


Fresh Repress : Bond Export Reissue!

Freddie Mckay - Jah Man (Earthquake) 7"

Freddie Mckay - Nah Mek It Look So (Earthquake) 7"

Freddie Mckay - Creation Rebel (Earthquake) 7"

EVENTS : Reggae For Japan ~ Sun 5 June 2011 ~ Vegas, Chino, Laden Selection!

Mr. Vegas, Chino & Laden will also be appearing at Mighty Crown's "Reggae For Japan" event. Check the selection!


Mr. Vegas, Shaggy & Josey Wales - Sweet Jamaica (Clifford Ray Music) 7"

Mr. Vegas - Mus Come A Road (A Team) 7"

Mr. Vegas - Do You Know (FiWi Music) 7"

Mr. Vegas - Heads High (Juvennile) 7"


Chino - Never Change (Big Ship) 7"

Chino - Leaving (VP) 7"

Chino - Call Mi Name (Big Ship) 7"


Laden - Time To Shine (Big Ship) 7"

~~~ We still have a few tickets left for the event! Don't be left out!