Brand New Reissue from Witty / Gold Shop!!

Brand New Witty Label Reissue from Gold Shop!!

Al Campbell - Leave The Herbsman Business (Witty / Gold Shop) 7"

Echo Minott - Follow Me (Witty / Gold Shop) 7"

NicoDemus - Earth & Moon (Witty / Gold Shop) 7"

Tony Tuff - Cool It (Witty / Gold Shop) 7"

Little John - Cork Up Dancehall (Witty / Gold Shop) 7"

Little Kirk - I Don't Know (Witty / Gold Shop) 7"


Brand New Reissue From Striker Lee!!!

Brand New Reissue From Striker Lee Label!!

今回はStriker Lee / Deadly Dragon Sound Exclusive 7" Reissue: Simple Simon "Revolution Fighter" & "Hey Bad Boy", "Christopher Columbus"を紹介します。

Striker Lee / Deadly Dragon reissue come back again!!! Yesss indeed!!! The late, great Simple Simon has long been one of our true, favorite artists. While sometimes dismissed as an Eek A Mouse imitator, Simple Simon brought the bing diddy bong style of Mouse and added his own narrative and lyrical skill creating some truly unique tunes. For these reissues we grabbed three great tunes: REVOLUTION FIGHTER which rides a RUFF version of the TAKE FIVE riddim made famous by Al Campbell's BAD BOY and Little John's MIX UP. On this tune, Simple Simon twists Burning Spear's SLAVERY DAY lyrics into a burning cry for justice that stays right on the edge of true RAGE! On the B Side is a sweet dubbed out version of the riddim for all you plate cutters and version heads out there! HEY BAD BOY is on an early cut of the BOOPS riddim and it balances the joy inherent in that riddim with serious lyrics that addresses the extreme violence of the 80s on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS rides on a nice lick of the Kutchie / Full Up riddim and breaks down the history of the controversial Columbus! As always these reissues were taken from the original tapes and limited to a 500 piece pressing and ONLY available at Deadly Dragon Sound!!

Revolution Fighters (Striker Lee) 7"

Hey Bad Boy / Christopher Columbus (Striker Lee) 7"


DJ Tahl Brandnew Mix Kaya Hifi Sound Inna Roots Yard!!

Stream : http://tahl.podomatic.com/player/web/2010-01-23T09_49_53-08_00

Download : http://tahl.podomatic.com/enclosure/2010-01-23T09_49_53-08_00.mp3

01 Jah Thomas - Tribal War (Teem records)
02 The Abasenian - Declaration of Rights (Studio 1)
03 Burning Spear - The Ghost (Mango)
04 Burning Spear - Marcus Garvery (Wolf)
05 Glen Brown - Forward the good (Dub store records)
06 Augustos Pablo - Armagedion Rock
07 Horace Andy - Zion Gate (Justice)
08 Stephanie Samuels - Africa we want to go (channel one)
09 Joy White - Come on natty dread (Arab)
10 Johnny Clarke (Burning Spear) - Creation Rebel (Justice)
11 Linval Thompson - Jah Jah the Conqueror (Clock Tower)
12 Joe Gibbs African Dub Chapter 4 - Yard Music (Joe Gibbs Music)
13 U Roy - Mr. Slave Driver (Virgin)
14 Dennis Brown - Slave Driver (Laser)
15 Voice of Progress - Gun Gun (Fire House)
16 Burning Spear - Joe Frazier (He Pray) (Iron Side)
17 The Abbyssinians = Yim Mass Gan (Trojan)
18 Ernest Ranglin - Ranglin Satta
19 The African Brothers - Practice what you preach
20 Johnny Osbourne - Rock and Come in (Beardie)
21 Eddie Fitzroy - The Gun (Dread at the Controls)
22 Culture - Two Sevens Clash (Joe Gibbs)
23 Barrington Levy - The Love of Jah (Puff Records)
24 Unknown Dub LP
25 High Priest - Lets get together (freedom sounds)

EVENTS: L.A Massive Dub Club Presents Courtney Melody & Tippa Lee Live! Wednesday 10th February 2010!

When: Wednesday 10th February 2010
Where: Echo-Plex (1154 Glendale Blvd Echo Park, Los Angeles)
Admission: $10


Courtney Melody Selection!

Ninja Mi Ninja (Fire House) 7"

Bad Boy (Techniques) 12"

Modern Girl (France) 7"


EVENTS: Deadly Dragon Sound @ Von Kellar Wednesday 27 January 2010!!

When: January 27th Wednesday 10pm - 4am
Where: Von Kellar (3 Bleecker Street, New York)
Subway: Bleecker St (6)

Deadly Dragon selectors Scratch Famous, JD, Queen Majesty and MR. K come with the finest Jamaican music to soothe your soul! Massive tunes from the foundation of ska all the up to the newest bubblers! Big Music for Big People!


Brand New Podcast: Deadly Dragon Gone A Foreign!!!

This ya podcast is in honor of our newest reissues -- JAH ROOTS - GONE A FOREIGN and JAH ROOTS & BIGGY RANKS - CLEAN UP YOUR KINGDOM. In honor of these two tuff pieces of digital consciousness, we put together a tuff mix of obscure 90s roots and culture that have that serious RUMBLE!!! Consciousness from the depths of the bass chamber...and as always, this one is mixed LIVE and DIRECT from vinyl -- no Serrato, no Cds -- just Deadly Dragon doing it inna Big People Fashion!

Play List:

Jah Roots - Gone a Foreign (deadly dragon reissue!)

Jah Roots & Biggy Ranks - Clean Up Your Kingdom (Deadly Dragon Reissue!)

Rolex - Tell Them Teacher (Deadly Dragon Reissue!)

SWEENY C.I.D. Dubwise

Eek A Mouse -

Pinchers - Cut Down

Jr. Reid - John Law

Determine - Man's Heart

Ras Shiloh - Brass Gates

Little Kirk - SOng Of Love

Terry Ganzie - So Long

Silver Cat - Israel

Jr. Kelly - Black Starliner

Tony Rebel - Dont Give Up

Ras Shiloh - Look Into Life

Triston Palmer - Jah Love

King Kong - Who Say

Yami Bolo - Mystery Babylon

Dennis Brown - Almighty Father

Wayne Smith - My God, My Lord, My Savior

Chilla Ranch - Trod Earth

Choppa Chop & Terror Fabulous - This Time Around

Sluggy Ranks - If You Want Do the Time

Willow - Nah Follow Dem

Danny Dread - Jah Jah

Mikey General - Deliver Me Jah

Cocoa Tea - Heathen

Terry Ganzie - Hi Hey Hello

Tony Rebel - One Word

Sizzla - Black Woman & Child

Sizzla - Make It Secure

Terry Linen - Show Me Oh Lord

Sizzla - Joy

Sluggy Ranks - Jah IS The Way

Sluggy Ranks - Lightning & Thunder

George Nooks & Merciless - Too Much War

Garnett Silk - Babylon Be Still

Ras Shiloh - Don't Go Astray

Sluggy Ranks - 20th Century

Johnny Diamond - Slavemaster

Dona V - Black Mother Cry

Terror Fabulous - Natty Son

Sizzla - Clean Up Your Heart

Harry Chapman - Rat Ta Tat Tat

Bunny Jackson - Jah is My Bodyguard

Yami Bolo & Capleton - Put Down The Weapon

Garnett Silk - Sayonara

Brand New Reissue from Jah Roots!!!

Brand New Deadly Dragon Exclusive 7inch Vinyl Reissues!

Jah Roots - Gone A Foreign b/w Rolex - Tell Me Teacher.
Jah Roots and Biggy Ranks - Clean Up My Kingdom

Last year we found a deeply beat up copy of the original DUKE 7" "Jah Roots - Gone A Foreign" and underneath all the scratches and hiss, we heard a brilliant digital roots tunes...HEAVY, driving bassline with classic Waterhouse style vocals. We had never seen another copy of the tune and was amazed at how this SERIOUS slice of music had eluded not just us but all the heavy Digital collectors out there. On our next trip down to Jamaica, we were able to locate JAH ROOTS who, it turns out, also produced the tune. Apparently he had recorded his vocal in the 80s but never released it until the early 90s at which time he recorded his combination with Biggy Ranks as well a next tune pon the riddim, ROLEX - TELL ME TEACHER. Well, the man had his tapes still, so we put it all together and BOOOM! here they are. As always these 7"s are limited to 500 pieces and are available ONLY at Deadly Dragon Sound!

Jah Roots - Gone a Foreign / Rolex - Tell Me Teacher

Jah Roots & Briggy Ranks - Clean Up Your Kingdom B/W Version


The Original Mack Daddy ... Mikey Jarrett!!!‏

The original mack daddy, Mikey Jarrett passed through DDS to personally invite us to his "Aquarian Birthday Dance" taking place Sunday Jan 31 2009.

Mikey Jarrett Birthday Dance

When: Sun Jan 31 2010 10pm ~ until
Where: Soul To Soul (1186 Broadway, Brooklyn NY)
Admission $10 before midnight

music by Baby Wayne Movement
Downbeat The Ruler w/ Tony Screw
Earth Ruler w/ Lee Major
Presidential Sound w/ Carter
A1 Paragus w/ Dj Mush1


Down Town (Gyasi) 7"

Digital (Chief Of Staff ) 12"


EVENTS: Another Scorcher Party Reggae Rock Steady Soul Friday 29 January 2010!

Djs: Miss Gemini, Ursa Major, Mr. Pick A Bar
When: Friday January 29 2009 6pm
Where: Huckleberry Bar (588 Grand Street, Brooklyn)


EVENTS: Rocksteady, Reggae, Ska weekend in Brooklyn NY, Friday 8 January 2010!‏

Feat: King Django Sextet, The Equilibrians, Royal City Riot, The Forthrights, The Hard Times
When: Friday 8th January 2010 8pm Door Open
Where: Bushwick Music Studio (55 Waterbury Street, Brooklyn)
Admission: $6



EVENTS: Reggaeholics Friday 8 January 2010!!

Feat: Queen Majesty from Deadly Dragon Sound, King Crown, Bigga Mention, Rock Of Gibraltar, Dj Styff, Dj Trutones
When: Friday 8th January 2010 from 11pm
Where Don Hill's (511 Greenwich St, New York)
Adminssion: $15 Ladies Free until 1am


EVENTS - DIGIKAL WE DIGIKAL!!! - Sunday Dec 20 2009 - report

On December 20th we here at Deadly Dragon put on a session that we had been planning and dreaming about for years. As with all long time plans, it takes a lot of things to align to make it all work out okay. In this case, we roped in the great producer DIGITAL ENGLISH to come celebrate his latest series of reissues and new releases while we brought in a host of singers and deejays who had both worked with Digital English or were people that we have always loved and admired. The final line-up was Deadly Dragon Sound with Digital English plus the great Screechie Dan, Knight Rider, Devon "Bobo Saw" Clarke and our great friend, the one CARL MEEKS! And upstairs, the great selector LIONDUB throwing down tunes and celebrating his new label. With the generous help of Puma, Gold Shop and all the artists and producers, we pulled it all together at our favorite venue, HAPPY ENDING!

And then the snow fell.......

Yes, on December 19th we were faced with the biggest blizzard that the east coast had seen in years. As with all great things, there can be no success without adversity; and after some dicey moments making sure that everyone was okay to travel from their respective locales...the night was on!!!!

First off -- I must say nuff respect to all the peoples that made it out that night...It was definately tough -- we know that and we appreciate all the support! So Roll Call of all crews and nuff respect to Jah Point, Bunny Punch, Digikiller Massive, Daniel, Red Rum Sound, Pak Pak, Maya, Kitano Hi Fi, Resting General, Joel, Brian Ken Chan & crew, Mush 1, Bintou, DVD Ray, Small Change, Doctor Tahl, Roger Boom, Roots Ambassada,Ticklah and anyone I forgot -- we still love ya!

For the first couple hours we Deadly Dragon folks kept the place nice and warm with some heavy duty digital selections and then the man Digital English came fi drop chune with his son as selector!

Digital English played a ruff selection of him classic tune and unreleased dub-plates. Some SERIOUS, heavy duty bass rumblers the man unleashed!!!!!!! After nicing up the place to absolute perfection, I heard the rumblings of the KORNER KING instrumental which Digital English recently released with the great singer DEVON CLARKE. Soon Devon came and grabbed the mic and just KILLED it. Trust me. Devon has been around since the 80s and comes from the serious, sufferers school of singers like Tenor Saw, but Devon has his own style and the moment his voice filled the room people just BAWLED fi forward!!!!

Devon ran through his big tunes pon the DIGITAL ENGLISH label like KORNER KING and HOLY MOUNT ZION and then dropped one of my all time favorites the mighty NUCLEAR BANGARANG pon the Ali Baba riddim.

One of my favorite Digital Roots tunes of all time is the Digital English 12" of Screechie Dan's OH WHAT A SHAME, so when I heard that bass line start to come in I just had to call for the ICON of New York Reggae, SCREECHIE DAN.

Screechie Dan is New York reggae. He came up in the 80s, made a huge mark in the 90s and continues as strong as ever as both a singer, deejay, rapper and just about anything else that an entertainer could think of. Alongside the great Shine Head, Screechie Dan is the most versatile and talented artist I have ever met as well as being one of the nicest, humblest and most positive guys out there. So when he touched the mic and started with OH WHAT A SHAME me just bust out a HUGE grin!

When Screechy finished that massive tune we had to call for the one called KNIGHTRIDER!!! Bwoy! You know how long we have looked for Knight Rider?!?!?! This artist has been one of my favorite NY Deejays of all time, and I had not seen him perform since the early 90s - so I was DEEPLY excited to see the legend in the building! And when he started to run the DEEJAY verse to OH WHAT A SHAME -- MAYHEM IN THE SPOT!!!!!!

Now when you got KNIGHT RIDER in the spot and he sounds that good -- BWOY you don't stop!!!! We had to throw down the versions to his 2 BROOKLYN BAD BOY classics! Bad Boy Stepping and Bad Boy Wadat!

At this point the room was so hype and the vibes so nice that the blizzard could have come right through the roof and no one would have even noticed. SOOO...that was when we had to call up the man....the one and only...CARL MEEKS who had traveled all the way up from Maryland to make it! Carl Meeks is one of the most unique singers to have blazed a path in the 80s. With his recordings on the Photographer and Redman labels he is truly an icon of 80s digital...and he has not lost a step!!!! He was brilliants running though all of his classics from Hey Bad Boy to Tuff Scout to Heard About My Love to Emotional Feeling to Wah Dem Fah.

We could have shut down at this point and still known that the evening was legendary but with all these great artists inna the place, let the riddims RUN!!!!

With all the artists running in pure rub a dub style more NYC icons began to reach for the mic including the great MARSHALL ONE who rocked this combo with Screechy.

Even the great Studio One singer K VIBES got into the mix throwing down her incredible tune FRENEMIES over EDDIE CONSTANTINE's TENEMENT YARD (a.k.a. Tonight) riddim.

Soooo...the night continued and the riddims flowed and all the artists sounded amazing and I just felt blessed. As a fan of this music, this was like heaven. In my dreams as a youth I would think...one day, I will spin the Firehouse Sleng Teng and Screechie Dan will pick up the mic and lay down serious lyrics and then pass it to Carl Meeks who will pass it to Knight Rider and all the while I'll be mixing it down and everything will be GREAT!!! So, when this actually happened on this night, I felt emotional and just grateful to be a part of something soo nice. This night was not about money, not about flexing, not about ego, not about who has the rarest 80s 7" -- it was about the music, the tunes, the vibes and all the fans and artists who were able to enjoy it together! Sooo nufffff RESPECT!!!!!! And keep an eye out for the CD of this night! Soon come!